Friday, March 03, 2017

Create The Man-Cave Of Your Dreams

Every man deserves a man-cave - it’s the perfect place to hang out alone or with friends, full of all of your favorite things. It’s the room in which you can kick back and play computer games, listen to music, and wind down after a day at work. When your friends are over, it’s the coolest place to hang out, be hospitable, and maybe even partake in a game of pool, darts, or table football. Creating the perfect man cave is an art in itself, here are some ideas to get you started.

Theme it

A man-cave needs to be themed to your exacting specifications. Sci-fi geeks can enjoy Trekkie themed surroundings and framed movie posters, and sports lovers can fill it with football jerseys and signed pucks. It’s your room, so choose your theme - it’s there to make you happy after all.

Furnish it

First things first, it has to be comfortable. You need the perfect gaming chair, a couch for relaxing, and a table for entertaining guests. Do you plan on using the space as a home office as well? Choosing a chair which doubles us as an office chair and gaming chair can save money, and ensure everything is in keeping with your theme. The furniture needs to be comfortable but functional, and also able to accommodate as many people as you need.

Accessorize it

As much as the color of the walls and the style of the furniture are important, the crucial element is all in the details. The accessories are what express your personality, and allow you to explore your personal interests.

If you’re going to use it for entertaining, how about a pool table or Warrior professional foosball table (solid review here)? If you’re going to use it for watching sports with the guys, you’re going to want a beer cooler, and why not cover the walls in sporting memorabilia? If it’s your own home cinema, movie posters, Hollywood paraphernalia, and a great television are the crucial elements of decoration. Don’t forget to think about lighting - being able to dim the lights for movie marathons is critical.

If you’re a fan of DIY, your man-cave can be a great place to store your workbench, and tool display, just make sure you install bright lights for this work, which can be dimmed for other occasions.

Make it hospitable

If you’re entertaining, you need to be able to accommodate all your buddies, and offer them food and drink. Why not build your own, personal bar? A keg dispenser, a few spirits, and a beer fridge are essential. You could even create your own personalized cocktail - it all depends on how flamboyant you want to be. Just don’t forget the essential breweriana memorabilia and bar stools. You could even get your own, personalized glassware for serving beers in - the possibilities really are endless. Just make sure you mount a fun bottle opener on the wall, so your friends always have access to a cold one when they need it.

Creating the perfect man cave is all about making an area that you can call your own and explore your passions, without taking over the entire house with Star Wars and football memorabilia.