Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Adrenaline-Fueled Activities That Are Closer to Home

Adrenaline junkies all over the world love the thrill and joy of doing something spectacular such as parachuting out of a plane, mountain biking on treacherous terrain or bungee jumping off a crane, but unless you live in a large city that can provide these activities, you’ll have to spend a lot of money travelling in order to experience these thrills.

However, adrenaline-fueled experiences aren’t limited to these extravagant things. There are plenty of fun activities you can do closer to home that doesn’t involve jumping out of a plane or diving deep underwater, and here are just a few examples.


If you have a leisure centre near you then they might also have an indoor mountain climbing wall. These walls are safe, monitored by instructors and a lot of fun. You can bring friends and family as well because it’s beginner-friendly, and there are usually other activities to take part in since it’s a leisure centre. Climbing indoors can get a little boring once you’ve mastered the different types of walls the leisure centre has, but you can take your climbing elsewhere—outdoors!

Urban climbing has become a very popular pastime for youths all around the world. They take it to extremes and scale skyscrapers without any protection or safety gear at all, making it incredibly dangerous but it also pumps their adrenaline like nothing else.


Although gaming seems like hardly the type of thing to build up adrenaline, video gaming has become one of the world’s fastest growing competitive sports thanks to organizations such as ESL Gaming hosting major competitions and events that gather millions of viewers around the world. Gaming is no longer just a geeky pastime, but it can be adrenaline-fueled and incredibly fun.

Traditional gaming, such as betting and gambling, is also extremely fun and adrenaline-fueled under the right conditions. Horse racing is another traditional form of betting that can put you at the edge of your seat—especially if you have money on the line! You can find some horse racing tips from Betting Gods if you want to improve your odds, but it goes without saying that betting is one of the quickest ways to get a rush of adrenaline close to home. You can also calculate your bets manually.


Owning a weapon isn’t legal in many parts of the world, and firing at someone is definitely not a good idea. However, if you go to an airsoft location (there are many around the world!) you’ll be able to fire replica guns with pellets at your friends and foes alike. It’s much like paintballing but with the added bonus that it is a far more authentic military simulation than using paintball guns.

Most locations provide gun rentals for you and there are many rules to keep in mind. Most airsoft locations use an honour system which means that every player can be trusted and anyone that doesn’t follow the rules will be removed from the location and banned. Despite shooting at each other with plastic BBs that can be extremely painful, most of the people at airsoft locations are friendly and inviting and there are rarely any fights that break out.