Sunday, March 19, 2017

5 Reasons Why I Love Instant Film Photography (Feat. Instax Mini 90)

I'm all about the Instax Mini 90 these days. First, I used to own an Instax mini 7S and a mini 8 but I must admit, my Instax Mini Neo 90 Classic from Fujifilm is the best one yet! Not only is it equipped with tons of awesome functions and new features but its sleek design is definitely a major advantage. 

Let's face it, gone are the days of film photography and flipping through old photo albums with a grainy film still image of your childhood. Instead, moments are now captured and kept through mobile phones and digital cameras. But for me, an instant film camera such as my Instax is my camera of choice for moments where I know I'll want to keep a hard copy tacked up on my wall or in a photo album. 

Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic from Fujifilm | This instax gets a few extra upgrade on the features such as the macro mode, bulb mode and my personal favorite–the double exposure mode! It's simply pressing the shutter button twice to superimpose 2 different shots in one frame! I'm still getting the hang of it and still in the process of discovering the cool features! I'll share the photos I took soon!


It's all about being in the moment. I believe that whenever take snaps with our smartphones we tend to take more than one shot to get the perfect groufie or selfie haha! After that, we spend about an hour editing the photo but eventually give up because you realize you don't like it so you take five more. However, you can't do that on an Instax (mahal ang film eh! LOL), you're simply in the moment.


I simply love how I can see the empty film that pops out from the camera will show a captured moment in a minute. There's just a different kind of excitement having my photos printed out instantly! I already have a lot of photos taken with my instax and I store them on albums that I was able to buy online. I would always enjoy browsing through my albums everyday!


There is just something about printed photos that is so nostalgic. My mom even had her polaroid photos kept in a box and up to date, I could still see how her life was years ago without the use of technology, it's the best!


Another thing I love about the instax mini is that I can share the prints with my friends! Not only are instant film photographs a novelty, but can also be a beautiful gift to your loved ones. Whether you're in an event, party, or even bumping into an old friend in a coffee shop, you can always take a snap and give the printed photo as a gift!


This is what makes it unique. Taking photos with an instax is so much fun! You don't have to worry about the film since it's available almost everywhere. 

Photos were taken with an Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic