Thursday, February 23, 2017

You Can Throw a Stress-Free Dinner Party

According to some, the dinner party, once the darling of social dining is at risk of becoming ‘endangered; due to the perceived stress of throwing one. But you know what? A dinner party with good food, great friends and a few drinks really doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. Here are some tips to make your next dinner party a simple hassle-free event:

Choose the Right Mix

Before you do anything else, sit down and think about who to invite. Ideally, you want to invite a good mix of people with various different hobbies and interests, to keep conversation flowing, but you also want to invite a group who all get on so that there is no risk of arguments.

Check for Allergies

The last thing you want is for your dinner party to remembered as the day that Dave’s head ballooned to three times its normal size after you fed him shrimp. Ask all of your guests if they have any allergies in advance, so you can cook food everyone can enjoy.

Stick with What You Know


You might want to wow your guests with fancy fine dining, but unless you’ve cooked a recipe before, there is too much room for disaster to happen. Play it safe and cook your signature dish, whatever it might be. Most dishes can be scaled up to cater for large parties, and you’re more likely to impress your guests with a well-cooked classic than a cordon bleu dish that’s done badly.

Hire a Professional

Alternatively, you could make your evening even more stress free by hiring an event catering company to do all of the cooking for you. Sure, it might be considered cheating by some, but it’ll give you more time with your guests, and that’s what’s really important.

Prep in Advance

If you do decide to do your own cooking, make things easy for yourself by prepping and cooking as much of your menu in advance as you are able, then you won’t be running around all evening checking the potatoes or chopping the veg when you should be enjoying an evening with your nearest and dearest.

Clean as You Go


There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a dinner party and being confronted with a sink full of dishes when all you want to do is go to bed. Sure, you could leave them, but you’d only have to do them in the morning when a lie in would probably hit the spot. The good news is that if you clean up as you go and keep things moving you’ll have very little washing up to do when your dinner party is over and done with.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

You want everything to go right, but does it really matter if it does? In the great scheme of things, a dinner party disaster is barely worth worrying about. In fact, a dinner party where everything goes wrong can be much more fun than one that goes perfectly. So, give yourself a break, don’t sweat the small stuff and just try to do your best.