Friday, February 17, 2017

Essential Things You Need To Make Long Plane Journeys Bearable

As much as I love traveling around the world, I do get tired of the long plane journeys. After all, it’s hard to make a ten or twelve-hour plane journey fun. And if you are flying budget, you might not get plenty of amenities which can make the journey easier. Therefore, you need to check the flight before you go, so you don’t make the wrong decision. After all, here are a few essential things you need to make long plane journeys bearable.

A free meal on board

Before you book your flight, you need to ensure you check what you are entitled to. After all, some of the major airlines will offer you a couple of free meals and drinks during your flight. And this can make your journey more bearable. After all, tucking into a dish can kill half hour of your flight time. And it can make the flight easier if you are not starving with hunger. Therefore, check what you are entitled to before you book. And opt for an airline which does give you free meals and drinks to keep you in a happier frame of mind during the trip.

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A neck pillow and blanket

It’s always good to get some kip while you are on long plane journeys. For one thing, it kills some time while you are on the flight. And it can help you to feel less jet lagged when you get to the destination. But to ensure you get some sleep, you need to be comfortable while on the journey. Therefore, you should get a neck pillow and a blanket which will help you to sleep while on the plane. The neck pillow will keep your head in a good position, so you don’t get a cramp while the blanket will keep you cozy if bitter temperatures arrive if you are flying during the night!

A handy iPad with great apps

Finding things to do on the plane can be challenging. After all, you are stuck in the same seat for hours on end. And there is only so much reading you can do. Therefore, you should make sure you take your tablet with plenty of apps to use while on the journey. For example, you might want to hunt down a movie app which allows you to watch films offline. You can find the download link: MovieBox latest version for 2017 which will enable you to do this during the journey. And downloading fun games like Angry Birds and Temple Run will kill your boredom for a couple of hours!

A comfy seat for the journey

One of the top things you should do after booking your flight is to choose a seat. After all, you want the comfiest seat possible to ensure the journey is bearable. Therefore, make sure you opt for a seat which offers the best legroom possible. That way, you can stretch out while you are sleeping, so you get comfortable. You also want one which has a window view is possible. Also, choosing your seat will stop you getting squished in a middle seat for the journey.

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And make sure you pick a flight with great in-flight entertainment options. After all, a couple of films and albums will help to ensure you kill some time during the journey.