Friday, January 27, 2017

Back To The Roots: The Top 5 Camping Locations To Try In Europe

If you feel that you are ready to abandon your trusted city life for a couple of days or weeks to recharge your batteries in a natural environment, it might be time to consider a camping holiday. Holidaymakers are more and more happy to give up a tropical trip to a touristic beach area for a holiday break that gets you back to nature: That’s what camping is about! But, just because it says camping on the tin, it doesn’t mean that you should spend your vacation at the back of the garden. Camping is a fantastic way to travel and discover new places. If you are planning your holiday abroad, here’s where to pitch your tent in Europe.  

#1. Menorca, Son Bou Camping

The Son Bou camping in Menorca is located between a pine forest and an island and is one of the most glamorous camping grounds around the Mediterranean Sea. You can even hire a cabin if you don’t fancy the tent. The camping has its own pool and tennis courts for an extra touch of luxury. All you need to do is to lie down in the sun and enjoy the weather. Or maybe you can have a go at the tantalizing sports activities from waterskiing to horseback riding.

#2. Germany, Weichselbrunn Camping Grounds in Bodenwöhr

The Weichselbrunn camping ground is famous for its beautiful scenery: The lakeside forest camping has indeed a lot to offer. If you are up for something a little different, you could have a look at camping hammocks from; thus you can hang lightly between the trees and gaze at the stars at night. Could there be anything better? Enjoy nature to the max with a trip along the hiking and cycling trails, or, if you are not afraid of cold water, by swimming into the lake.  

#3. Valle Santa Maria Camping, Tuscany, Italy

The camping ground of the Santa Maria valley, in Tuscany, offers everything the holidaymaker is looking for: Fantastic landscapes - Tuscany is a beautiful farming region of Italy -, proximity to wonderful white sand beaches, and amazing cuisine. Indeed, Tuscany is a gourmet region that combines exquisite vineyards and delicious dishes. In short, make sure to compile a list on of the local region before you go.

#4. Half Island River Camp, Buna, Bosnia

The Buna River runs southwest of Sarajevo in a lesser known part of Bosnia-Herzegovina. You will find yourself in total immersion in the natural environment with this river camp that combines simplicity and stunning landscapes. The fresh and clear water is perfect for swimming and fishing, although be aware that it could be a little cold!

#5. Lake Shkodra Resort, Albania

Albania is one of those forgotten countries. The Lake Shkodra resort is a camping resort that is designed for families and provides all the luxury that you need from a comfortable habitation to a private beach by the lake. The camping site has its own restaurant, so there’s no need to cook either! Best of all: Prices in Albania are very low, so you would find the amazing glamping location for less than $5 a day.