Saturday, January 28, 2017

Admin Before Adventure: Travel Planning Essentials

With all the excitement that surrounds a holiday, it’s easy to neglect the boring stuff. Researching the practicalities and logistics of your destination may seem like as though it’s sucking the fun out of your journey, but it’s actually the only way to ensure everything will go smoothly. So, before you set off, here are some travel tips to be aware of.

The crucial documents

Make sure your travel plans don’t fall apart before they’ve even had the chance to begin – secure your important documents. Make sure you have researched your destination so you know exactly what you’ll need, whether a passport will be sufficient or if you’ll need to acquire an additional tourist visa. Some countries may also require you to show proof that you’ve had certain vaccinations before you are allowed to enter.

In addition, find a safe and secure location to store these documents while you’re travelling. It’s also a good idea to make photocopies of your documents and store these in a separate location, so you have a backup should your originals get lost or stolen.


Although it’s true that the travelling itself and your new surroundings should provide you with all the entertainment you need, there may be the occasional evening when you feel like being by yourself. Perhaps you’ve spent weeks hiking along exotic trails or driving along thousands of miles of roads that all look the same. Whatever your reasons, you may want some light entertainment to help you unwind now and then.

One of the most convenient ways of staving off boredom on extended travel trips is to bring some music along. An mp3 player fits conveniently in your pocket, can store thousands of songs and can be recharged in your hotel or via your car cigarette lighter. Alternatively, having a few films or books downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop will also help you while away a few hours and leave you refreshed and raring to continue on your adventures.

Getting around

You may have planned how you are getting to your travel destination, but have you looked into how you are going to get around once you’ve arrived? For some city breaks, a quick investigation into the public transport network will suffice, but for travel itineraries that encompass a larger area, a bit more research may be required.

Firstly, consider how much travelling you’re going to be doing and then consider what would be the most affordable and convenient way of achieving this. A road trip, for example, offers a lot of freedom when compared to travelling by train and can be very cost-effective if travelling with friends. You will then need to decide whether it is possible to use your own car or to opt for the added convenience of hiring a car from the airport.

Planning your transport before you arrive is hugely important as the last thing you want is to find yourself stranded in the same place for days – no matter how beautiful it is.