Sunday, January 22, 2017

Plug And Play: Tech Essentials That All Travelers Should Carry

When traveling abroad for long periods of time especially when backpacking, or flying to the other side of the world you really don't want to forget anything. While most countries will have substitutes, voltages can differ, products may not last long, and you may even get ripped off!

Cheap Phone

We know that you want to take your all singing, all dancing smartphone on holiday but is it worth the risk? Firstly, if the climate you're traveling to is particularly hot, or cold, it could spell disaster for your expensive electronics. High humidity can lead to moisture getting trapped places it shouldn't, meaning water could end up frying the motherboard. Secondly, depending on where you're going you may be subject to extra roaming charges. Not everywhere has an agreement with mobile providers that allow users data usage to be capped. Stylish, state-of the-art phones are also targets for thieves and lots of countries, such as Rome, have pickpocket problems. Do yourself a favor and buy a cheap phone, local SIM card and a stack of phone cards to avoid any visits to the police station.

Comfy Headphones

We spend half our lives looking for them and the other half untangling them yet are prepared to drop some serious dough on decent headphones. Not everyone loves in-ear headphones, the buds can feel quite invasive, and there are lots of poor quality ones out there. Why not try some comfy, leather on-ear headphones instead? You won't get far on your travels without headphones be it for editing footage, practicing conversational Japanese or just chilling out to music. Don't think you can take the ones they give you on the plane either, they are designed for single journeys and the flight crew will ask for them back.


Have you got your heart set on exploring America? Visiting Ireland? or checking out Spain? The chances are that wherever, or whoever you're traveling with at some point you're going to want to blast out some tunes. Forget taking the newest model, an older generation iPod or iPod touch will do just fine. As long as you can still connect it to a laptop, or speakers and it has space for all the music you want to listen to it should all be fine. Music is also one of the few experiences that are universal for all humans, so if you're feeling a little awkward at a party or on a group holiday where you don't know anyone a little Michael Jackson, Rihanna or even Justin Bieber can definitely break the ice!

USB Battery Bank

You've lined up the perfect selfie, looked up a key phrase or finally understood how to turn data off when your phone dies. If you do insist on taking your phone with you, not recommended, unless you charge it every single night it won't last long. When traveling, especially if you're exploring alone you don't want to be incommunicado because if an emergency arises and you need help you must be able to reach someone. However, be that aware external battery packs should be packed in your suitcase instead of hand luggage.