Monday, January 23, 2017

EXPLORING THAILAND: Of Buddhas, Elephants, Floating Markets, and Ancient Temples

Sah wah dee khrap, Thailand! My friends and I finally conquered the place of Buddhas, elephants, floating markets, and stunning historical temples and palaces. We arrived in Thailand at night and we only had a few hours to experience the nightlife in Bangkok. It was our first time in Thailand so we were really curious to see what the city could offer. The high-rise buildings, the heavy traffic, and the intense heat may not immediately give you a good impression, but don’t be quick to judge! This place is full of amazing tourist traps hat will surely get you hooked!

While we mainly stayed in Bangkok overnight, we only got to explore Ayutthaya the next day, an ancient city in the Central Plains of Thailand. We barely had one and a half day to explore Thailand so we took advantage of that time to do some touristy things in one place where we can experience the rich culture and beauty of Thailand, and Ayutthaya did not disappoint us!

So here it is…a glimpse of the ancient city of Ayutthaya and a sneak peek of the vivid night life in the city of Bangkok! Hope you enjoy this visual diary!

Photos taken with my Fujifilm XA2 (16-50mm lens) and iPhone 6S