Sunday, January 08, 2017

Boys Toys: Time For Some Seriously Manly Fun

We hear a lot about home women have been emancipated from the drudgery of life as housewives, now able to go out into the world of work and pursue their own careers. But men, who were once chained to their work and family lives have, to some extent, been emancipated too. There’s just so much stuff out there for men to do - everything from entertainment to sports - that makes life just that little bit better. Weeknight evenings no longer involve trying to force your way into a tin of spam while watching the six o’clock news. With Netflix, gadgets and adventurous activities to enjoy out of the house, there’s never been a better time to be a man at leisure.

With that said, what are the best boys toys out there in 2017? Let’s take a look.

The LightMate Emergency Flashlight

The Satechi Emergency LED Flashlight is arguably a lot more than a mere flashlight. It’s more like a lightsaber. The flashlight itself comes with a dazzling array of LED lights, which can be put into any one of five brightness settings. The torch itself comes with a 2200mAh battery, putting it on par with most modern smartphones. There’s also a USB charging cable, meaning you can use the torch to charge your smartphone in emergencies.

Finally, the butt of the torch handle has a stainless steel spike on the end of it. Satechi says that this is for when you might need to smash windows and gain entry into a building. Could this be a torch marketed at thieves? Whatever the case, if there’s one torch that you’d want by your side during the zombie apocalypse, this is it.

The AirDog Drone

Drones have come an incredibly long way over the last couple of years. They’re essentially smartphone with rotors that are able to follow their master and do their bidding. The AirDog Drone itself is designed to follow men who love sailing and surfing on the ocean, whether they are powered by underwater propulsion or by Mother Nature. The drone itself has an inbuilt autonomous flight mode, meaning that once it knows who it is supposed to be tracking, it will follow that target until it’s battery starts to run low. That means that you can finally film yourself doing amazing stunts and generally having a whale of a time, without having to think about whether the drone is filming you. It is.

The Fold-Up Bluetooth Keyboard

Like most men, you probably love mobile devices. They’re portable, always accessible and have super-intuitive operating systems. But there’s one thing they’re not so good at: helping you get work done.

Now a company called iClever has come up with a solution: a foldable Bluetooth keyboard that attaches to your phone. This sort of thing makes perfect sense for anybody who regularly travels on business and needs to rattle out reports or fire off a bunch of emails in quick succession.

The keyboard itself is a full QWERTY keyboard and comes with a 10-meter range. Not bad, eh?