Friday, December 09, 2016

The Asian Trail For Foodies

The everyday routine is eating us alive: Sleep, work, eat, and start again. In such our fast paced agenda, it becomes difficult to experience peaceful breaks and to let food enlighten us instead of always relying on sugar to get the feel-good bonus. So you have decided to experience a different holiday this year: You’re heading to Asia to reconnect with yourself and take a break from your busy lifestyle. So this is a great point to introduce the idea that cultural holidays are not only for those who want to experience a country differently, but also for those who want to forget about their western knowledge about the country. They are also a great way to cut from your day-to-day stress and start taking a better care of yourself: Good food and exercise are on the list of every good foodie tourist!

A Bit About The Spiritual Side of Asia

There are many regions across Asia that are charged with spirituality and can help you to cut off from everyday pressure. You will find it is a lot easier to focus on the healthy side of life if you are free from stress and meetings! Besides as you dive into the Asian culture, this helps you place the food in a completely new context. I am focusing here on Japan and China, because you will soon discover that Asian food tastes a lot better in Asian culture! Among the magical destinations you can try to lose yourself into, there is the Kumano Kodo trail which is the name of the network of pilgrimage routes that cross through the Kansai region. Another solid Asian experience to lose yourself into is the Lunar New Year, that is celebrated in China. This is a spiritual cleansing of the old bad luck and habits of the previous period to take a fresh start. Renowned for its stunning beauty, and you will find yourself completely cut off from the urban worries of the world as you walk through the festive decorations. It is beautiful, so make sure that you have a camera with you.


What Can You Eat In Asia

You can expect to find along your walk or in the towns and villages surrounding your visit, the typical Japanese and Chinese food that you are used to, such as rice, sushi, tempura, noodles, etc. In truth, for many tourists, the Japanese and Chinese region food served in the local guesthouses and restaurants is one of the highlights of the trip. You will be served fresh river and sea fish, most likely from the river you have just walked along, and delicious vegetables grown organically. It is not unfair to say that travelling to Asia is just as much a discovery of Asian spirituality as it is a journey of amazing tastes. Do try some of the local restaurants if you have a chance. You will be able to try the dishes you know in a completely different situation. Take it from me: Sushi in Japan does taste a lot better than sushi in London.

Back To Basics With A Vegan Diet

If you want to thoroughly enjoy the cultural bath as a way to recenter your lifestyle and heal yourself from everyday stress and bad habits, you can try to focus on a vegan diet. Do make sure to follow this nutritional guide as you don’t want to find yourself missing valuable nutrients while you are hiking all day. You will see that the vegan diet is extremely helpful to cleanse your body from all excesses caused by our busy food habits.