Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Look Like A True Gentleman And Beat Back The Competition

You can think of the dating world as a sports field because that’s exactly what it is. If you want to score, by which I mean to secure a date, then you need to be ready to beat your competition. Don’t be fooled, there will always be a lot of people out there vying for the same partner. In fact, a recent report revealed that now when dating it’s common to juggle as many as seven partners. This puts a spin on the idea of a player when apparently everyone is playing the same game. It’s also important to realize that first impressions have become more vital than ever. Just look at Tinder as an example of this, one of the most popular apps for dating. Using this app, you swipe left or right depending on whether you like someone. That means someone is judging you entirely on how you look in your picture. So, it’s important to realize what women want in their partner, and I think I have the answer. It’s quite simple, they want a gentleman.

Look The Part

The first step is making sure that you look like a winner. To do this, you need to think about your style. If you’re dress in formal wear, it is important that your clothing is properly fitted. This makes you look professional and successful. Success is often important to women because they are looking for the Alpha. If you don’t look the part, they will dismiss you even if you do have a great job.

If you are dressing informally, you still need a sense of style. You should fill your wardrobe with designer clothing that looks fantastic and feels fresh. It’s another measure of success. Essentially, the only reason to wear labels is to show that you have money and you can afford to spend it.

Of course, it’s not just what you wear. Grooming should be on point to. I think one of the best ways to ensure this is to get a good, clean shave. You can purchase a fantastic, manual razor from a company like the Cut Throat Razor Club. It will give you the cleanest, smoothest shave of your life and ensure you are always ready for a great date.

Chivalry Ain’t Dead

Perhaps we should think about what women expect on a date with a modern man. You might think that feminism means everything is equal. Not quite no, because women still expect you to at least offer to pay. If they turn down this offer, don’t fight them for two reasons. One if they do want to pay they probably feel they should because the date isn’t going anywhere. Two, it shows that you are still willing to take the protective stance of the man which most girls still like.

Keep Them Waiting 

Last but not least, this applies to both genders. Even if you think that the date is going rather brilliantly, you shouldn’t go all the way on the first night or even the second. Let them wait a little because as the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or, in this case, the sex drive go through the roof.