Saturday, November 12, 2016

SneakPeek Unlocked: Puma Trinomic Launch

With so many sneaker shops opening left and right in Cagayan de Oro city, it is clear that the thrilling culture of collecting sneakers has finally landed in our shores. The plea for rare and limited edition sneakers grows every day for sneakerheads and I have recently fallen into the beautiful sneaker trap myself.

Just recently, I’ve found myself constantly searching for a new a store to find my most sought-after sneaks and I’m happy to share with you all that I’ve found my official go-to hub for collectible-worthy sneaks at Centrio Ayala Mall: SneakPeek.

From the hard-to-find pieces to the iconic pair of sneaks, SneakPeek is a multi-brand concept store for anyone who’s into the search for the collectible-worthy sneakers. In line with their goal to boost up their campaign with a series of exclusive sneaker launches across their multiple branches nationwide, last Wednesday, I got first dibs for the Puma Trinomic unlocking in Ayala Centrio. Armed with a sneaker vault, SneakPeek asked sneakerheads of Cagayan de Oro to unlock these special sneakers. Three colorways were unlocked during the event and the olive green was my favorite pick.

Congratulations to SneakPeek CDO for a successful launching. You can still witness other exclusive footwear collection launches soon. For the mean time, you can simply visit their Ayala Centrio Mall store located at the 2nd Level and ogle at their options instead.

Take a peek at the photos below of what went down during that day and check out some of the hip new brands and premium items you can find inside the store. The Puma Trinomic is available exclusively at all SneakPeek branches nationwide.