Sunday, November 27, 2016

Exciting Tabletop Games to Play With Your Children

Winter is fast approaching and there are less outdoor activities we can do with the kids. Instead of freezing in the cold playing water games with the kids, most of us are huddled up indoors with the heating turned up. There’s still a lot of fun to be had at home, however. There are video games, board games, and plenty of movies to go through.

Video games are fun and all, but unless you have multiple computers in the house for each child and yourself, there’s not much you can do together. But fear not! There’s still plenty of old-fashioned fun to be had with a couple of board games and some hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day. Convince your kids to leave the computer and join you at the dinner table with some of these exciting tabletop games the whole family can play.

Board Games

A classic game of Monopoly is a great way to spend a relaxing evening with the family. Not only is it good fun, but the money counting and maths involved will help to stimulate your children’s minds. A simple set of Monopoly is relatively cheap, and the unique board pieces and objective of the game will intrigue curious children.

But if buying property isn’t interesting to your children, then how about some unique takes on Monopoly? There’s everything from Star Wars to Marvel’s The Avengers, and each game has its own unique setting and twist. Your kids will love the themed versions of Monopoly, and you can purchase several sets and play each game on a different night.

Card Games

Card games are another way to teach your kids arithmetic skills while also having fun. A pack of cards is cheap and can give you endless amounts of fun. You can teach them magic tricks, you can play a game of poker, or you can play simple games like snap. If your children get good at a game like texas hold’em, you can even use them as training partners for when you take it to the tables online at a place like NetEnt Casinos.

However, card game doesn’t have to mean a basic deck of cards. There are trading card games such as Pokemon that kids just can’t get enough of, and for a more mature setting there are fantasy card games such as Magic the Gathering or Pathfinder.

Dice Games

There are hundreds of different dice games that you can play with just regular 6-sided dice. One of the most popular dice games that are suitable for children is Yahtzee. You can buy sets for Yahtzee from most toy stores, but you can also play it with some sheets of paper or online printouts and some dice. The combination of luck and strategy make for a great game to play with the family, and it’s accessible for all ages.

You can take it further and get some personalised dice for each member of your family, with designs from their favourite characters or series. They’re easy to store and don’t take much space on a table so it’s safe to play while having a snack or drink.