Saturday, November 26, 2016

Don’t Fancy A Beach Holiday? Try This Instead

Does the thought of spending a fortnight on a beach fill you with boredom? Do you want your next holiday to be full of adventure? Try these exciting vacation ideas.

Four Wheel Drive Touring

4WD touring allows you to visit some of the remote locations you wouldn’t normally get to see. It is a unique way to experience a wild, rugged, and natural environment. Traveling with a guide will help you get the most out of your journey. They will be familiar with the terrain and the history of the place. They will also be aware of any safety issues. Imagine driving through the Australian outback or taking tours of the Gibb River Road. The trip of a lifetime!

Wilderness Camping

Forget camping at a local campsite. That’s too tame. For the full experience consider wilderness camping instead. Wild camping will allow you to explore the natural world and everything it has to offer. You can get away from the crowds and spend time as a family or with friends. Choose your location carefully and ensure you’re familiar with basic first aid. It’s also a good idea to leave your itinerary with a friend at home. But the rest is up for grabs.

Experience The Arctic Wilderness

If you don’t like the heat, consider an alternative. A snowy Arctic wilderness is about as far away from a sunshine holiday as you can get. Imagine zooming through the Swedish countryside by dog sled. Or taking part in snowmobiling or cross country skiing. And to relax, take a long sauna followed by a crisp dip in an icy river. Or sit back and watch the natural display of Aurora Borealis.

Shark Diving

This is not for the faint-hearted. Imagine observing one of the world’s most dangerous creatures in their natural habitat. Get your adrenalin pumping with a shark cage diving trip. Gansbaai in South Africa is renowned for its great white sharks. It’s also popular for whale watchers. Other popular destinations are Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand.

Yacht Sailing

If you love the ocean, consider chartering a yacht. You can set sail and travel to places most people never get to see. Imagine exploring the rugged coastline of the Inner Hebrides. Watch dolphins and whales and disembark for local cuisine and scenic walks. 

Visit A Volcano

Watching a live volcano erupt is one of the most spectacular natural events you can witness. Take a trip to Bardarbunga in Iceland and view the volcano from land and air. At the same time, take in some of the glaciers of the southern coast.


If cycling is your thing, consider making this into a holiday. It can be combined with camping or other 4WD touring. Exploring unfamiliar terrain via bike offers a unique perspective. You’re out in nature and have the benefit of all five senses. Look for exciting routes such as coast to coast in Costa Rica. Or, tour through the Alps or Pyrenees. With a cycling holiday you’re at the mercy of the weather, so choose wisely.

Vacations are not always about the beach. For your next holiday, choose adventure.