Saturday, November 19, 2016

You Can't Beat Homemade: The Many Benefits Of Home Cooking

Are you on a health drive? Are you trying to get in shape or make positive changes to your diet? If so, your kitchen is a good place to start. If you’re guilty of indulging on takeouts or ready made meals, here are some of the benefits of home cooking.

Nutritional control

When you’re in charge of cooking your own meals, you have control of the kitchen. You decide what’s going into your meals, and how your food is cooked. When you buy a meal at a restaurant or order a takeout, do you really know what you’re getting? Even meals that seem healthy may contain a heap of added sugar and salt. 

Take a smoothie, for example. If you make a smoothie at home using a blender like the Vitamixs30, you can prepare healthy drinks. If you buy a smoothie in a cafe, you may get something that’s not so good for you. Often, these products taste so good because they’re jam-packed with added sugars. When you make something from scratch, you can determine which ingredients you use, and decide on quantities.

Portion control

You may have noticed that many eateries go big when it comes to portion size. Even if you’re full, you tend to soldier on and try and clear your plate. At home, there’s no such urge to tackle a mountain of food. You can enjoy a hearty and filling meal, without making yourself feel sick.

Increased appreciation for food

When you’ve toiled over something, you’re much more likely to savor the tastes and appreciate the flavors. Cooking at home enables you to develop your skills and learn more. As you get more familiar with the kitchen, your appreciation for food will increase.

Better tasting food

When you cook for yourself, you can taste your dishes as you go along. This enables you to make adjustments, or add seasoning. In a restaurant, you can’t do this. You just have to hope that what’s put in front of you tastes good. You can also tailor recipes to suit your preferences.

Financial gains

The cost of eating out and ordering in can soon mount up. If you switch to home cooking, you could save a lot of money. It’s particularly good value for money if you cook in batches. This involves making a large amount of food and then freezing smaller portions. This is a fantastic idea if you’re pushed for time in the week. You can cook at the weekend and then simply defrost a portion in the week. All you need to do when you get home is reheat the meal, and you’ve got  tasty supper in no time.

Are you a self-confessed takeout addict? Do you use a lack of time as an excuse? Have you written off your culinary skills without even trying to cook? Are you desperate to be healthier? If so, why not give home cooking a try? There are loads of simple recipes you can follow, and you’ll soon find your feet. Cooking gives you control of what you eat and how much you eat. It can also save you a lot of money.