Thursday, November 24, 2016

3 Amazing Sports Convention To Check Out

For die-hard sports nuts, it’s great to keep up with the games on TV, debate whose team is better and play the sports ourselves. However, when a certain sport is an important part of our everyday lives, we need a little more. Fortunately, there are all kinds of conventions and events out there for die-hard sports nuts. Here are a few you may be interested in.
NBA All-Star Jam Session

Tickets for the NBA’s yearly all-star game aren’t available to the public. This is mainly so that they can cram the stands with as many bigwigs and celebrities as possible. As criminal as this is, there’s nothing we can do about for the time being. However, all is not lost for basketball nuts! You can still head down to the NBA All-Star Jam Session. By the sounds of it, this event can be more fun than sitting in the stands at any game! Here, fans can practice their dribbling, shooting and dunking using the best equipment, talk to current and former NBA players to get their autographs, and browse a wide range of intriguing interactive displays. If you’re not famous or influential enough to be at the game itself, this is the next best thing!

Safari Club International Hunters’ Convention

Though hunting isn’t widely known for its organized competitions, it’s certainly got a big community behind it, and they know how to put on an event! The Safari Club is one of the largest hunting organizations in the world and has branches in pretty much every nation. Since 1972, the club has organized their international hunters’ convention, known by many as the ultimate hunters’ market. Every year it attracts roughly 1,000 different vendors and 25,000 attendees. Here, you can check out the best electronic ear muffs, camo clothing, rangefinders, and of course guns, and buy anything that you need to up to improve your hunting game. Even if you’re not intending to shop for anything, this is a great place to meet like-minded people, share stories and even organize hunts. If you’re a true outdoorsman, then this sporting event is the one for you.

National Sports Collectors Convention

This is an event for all those who are more interested in sports and memorabilia in general, rather than one specific sport. This convention, referred to simply as “The National” by a lot of sports collectors, is a truly colossal show dedicated to every kind of sports collectible you can imagine. Held every summer in varying places around the USA, it attracts hundreds of dealers, thousands of collectors and enthusiasts, and many former professionals who will be signing autographs and meeting fans. Whether it’s jerseys, bats or trading cards that gets your engine going, you’ll be able to find it all here in a way you’ve never experienced before! Even if you’re not particularly into memorabilia, this is one event which every die-hard sports fan should try to check out at least once.

While there are countless sports conventions and events out there, these three really stand out, and will be unforgettable for any sports nut.