Sunday, October 02, 2016

Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Meals This Week To Make Them Healthier!

It’s easy to look back at the dinners you had last week and wonder if you made the right choices. After all, that cheesy macaroni might have been delicious at the time, but it was a highly calorific dish! Therefore, for the next week, you should try and eat a bit healthier with your dinners. However, a lot of people struggle to see where they can make changes to their meals every week. Therefore, here are some simple changes you can make to your meals this week to make them healthier!

Make it fresh rather than buying it ready-made

You will be surprised that there are so many hidden ingredients in ready meals that you need to watch out for. They could see you packing on the pounds without you even realising why. Therefore, before you put that ready made pizza in the oven, you should consider making your own instead of with fresh ingredients. That way, you can choose exactly what you want to put on the pizza. You can make it a lot healthier than the ones you find in the store by adding delicious ingredients such as peppers and onions. The same goes for other dishes such as curry; you can add less cream when you are making your own tikka masala. If you make too much, you can freeze it and then use it another day as a healthy dish. That way, it saves you spending too much at the supermarket!

Swap from frying to grilling your food

A lot of the time when we are making meat, we tend to put it in the frying pan. But when food is fried it ends up with a higher fat content as discussed on Therefore, it can often increase your blood cholesterol which increases the risk of stroke and diabetes. So if you want to make your meat healthier, you should stick to grilling instead. When you grill meat, the fat drips off as the food cooks so it makes a healthier dish. It will also have a lower calorie content than grilled food. If you are thinking about grilling your food, you should look on sites like The site has ideas for meat dishes which will taste delicious once cooked. You could even get the BBQ out and cook the meat on there for a change; after all, it’s always fun to eat al fresco!

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Avoid adding extras such as cheese

Whether you are making a bowl of pasta or a delicious chicken burrito, it’s easy to make some grated cheese to enjoy with the dish. But adding extras such as cheese can end up increasing the calorie count of the meal. Therefore, stay away from the fridge and consume your meal without any added extras. If you are still peckish, enjoy some salad or vegetables with the dish!

Swap your toast spread to a healthy choice

There’s nothing more delicious than a piece of toast with Nutella on top! But the tasty spread actually contains 70% saturated fat. Therefore, instead of choosing the chocolate spread, you should stick to healthy peanut butter instead for a treat. A lot of peanut butter contains more unsaturated fat than saturated fat, so it’s a healthier choice for a meal. Or for an even better option, you could consider having avocado on toast. It’s a popular choice that is often trending on Pinterest around the world. And it’s one of the healthiest foods on the planet so you won’t feel guilty eating it!

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Remove the salt from the dish

It’s easy to go overboard with salt when you are making dinner. After all, the seasoning makes the dish taste delicious. But when you are adding salt to your dinner, the extra water stored in your body and raises your blood pressure. Therefore, you should stick to healthier seasonings such as spices and herbs. They will still make your dish taste great while helping to lower your blood pressure.

Swap your olive oil to avocado or coconut

A lot of people think that olive oil is a healthy oil to cook their dinner with. But, in fact, one tablespoon of the stuff can contain over 100 calories, and more than 14% saturated fat. Therefore, you should stick to  a healthier oil such as avocado or coconut when you are making dinner next week. Both of these are healthy oils, which can prevent high cholesterol and diabetes.

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Remember to stick to wholemeal as much as you can when it comes to bread, pasta, and even wraps!