Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Planning A Multi-Country Trip: Everything You Need To Do

I love traveling around on holiday with my other half. After all, there’s nothing better than exploring different areas and seeing new things. However, it can be a challenge when it’s hard to go on more than one holiday a year. After all, our budget can only stretches so far as one place a year. However, if you are longing to see more of the world, you should consider a multi-country trip. That way, you can see more of the world while you are on your annual vacation. However, it can be a challenge to plan it all out. Here is everything you need to do when you are planning to visit more than one country in a trip.

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You need to check the currency for the areas

It’s easy to forget about money when planning your trip to different countries. After all, you might go and get some Euros, which you think you can use in various countries across Europe. But there are some countries in Europe, which don’t use that currency such as Switzerland and the United Kingdom! Therefore, you might get stuck during your trip. To make sure this doesn’t happen, ensure you research the different countries you are going to so that you can have the right currency for use!

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You need to check if you are covered for the different countries

You might book your policy for your trip and think that it will cover everywhere you travel to while you are on your travels. But it might not necessarily cover you in particular areas. Therefore, you could put yourself at risk if you end up somewhere with no travel insurance. After all, it’s a must to be insured if you do get stuck in the country or become unwell! Therefore, make sure you state clearly exactly where you are going so that you can ensure you are covered for the whole trip.

You need to make sure you have the necessary visas for countries like Canada

A lot of people forget to check their documents before they fly. But it’s so important you make sure you are allowed to get into the different countries you are going to. Some countries such as Canada require you get an eTA so that you can get into the country for a short visit. You will require this even if you are just passing through for a couple of days in between countries. You can find out more about this on Make sure your passport is also up-to-date and valid for all the countries you are going to!

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You need to sort transport in-between areas

It’s so important that you make sure you know how you will get between areas on your multi-country trip. For example, you might want to go to France and then head to the United Kingdom. You need to look at the best way to travel in-between; for this case, it might be Eurostar or Ferry. And work out how you will get to your hotel from the airport or train station. As we said before, it might be best to arrange a car to pick you up at a designated time to transport you to your accommodation!

Make sure you have a clear itinerary in mind for your trip. Write a list of everything you want to do day-to-day, and then you can work out how and when you will get there.