Thursday, October 06, 2016

What Type Of Food Should You Serve At A Cocktail Party?

Cocktail parties can be great for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you’re holding a lavish party for your closest friends and family? Maybe you’re holding a luxury event for a selection of business acquaintances? No matter what, you want to make the right impression. When food enters the mix, it’s a sign to tread carefully. Pairing cocktails with food isn’t an easy task, but makes a fantastic impression when done well. Let’s explore this a little further.


Consider The Alcohol Content

Firstly, you need to tread carefully if you’re considering starting the evening off with a very alcoholic cocktail. This might be a long night, and it’s worth starting a little slowly! Also, the amount of alcohol in your cocktail should determine your food choice or vice versa. If you’re going to serve a drink like a Margarita, it’s best to soften the taste with your food choice. You can’t go wrong with fried foods for this task.

Opposites Attract

In the case of pairing cocktails with food, opposites usually attract. I mean this in the way in which recipes are formed. A complicated cocktail recipe might just be complimented by a simple meal. But, if you’re going to go over-the-top with your meal choices, a simple cocktail will often do the trick. Trying to get too elaborate will fail to make the right impression in either area.

Think About Layout

You don’t want to fall at the layout hurdle! I’m sure you’ve put a lot of thought into how your party is laid out. If you’re serving cocktails in unspectacular glasses, you’re wasting their potential. The same goes for overly posh food served on cheap plates. But, there are times when you want to create a more rustic feel. In a case like this, think about serving a vodka cocktail in copper mugs, for example. Think about elaborate wooden boards instead of plates for food layout choices.


Stick To Desserts

If you’re really struggling to match your cocktails with your food choices, you might want to limit this practice to desserts. You’ll find that by doing this, you’re much less likely to go wrong. You can experiment with both elaborate and simple cocktails with a simple chocolate-based dish. At the end of the day, the dessert and cocktail pairing compliment each other well in pretty much any case.

Take Tips From Local Restaurants

Who says you’re supposed to be an expert at this right away? If you’re struggling to come up with good ideas for your party, get some experience! Head down to a local restaurant and see what they come up with in terms of good pairings. Don’t go copying their tips of course, but use them as inspiration to help you with your party. It’s a good excuse to drink a few cocktails if nothing else!

A great cocktail party has the ability to please and impress your guests. A bad one has the ability to drive them away forever. By taking these tips into account, you’re on the first step to a successful experience!