Thursday, October 20, 2016

Five Fantastic Trips For Wine Lovers To Make

A big part of traveling is getting to explore your interests and passions in a way you can’t at home. No matter what you’re enthusiastic about, there are places all over the world that can whet your appetite. Sometimes you have to get out there to see what’s really on offer.

One thing that tickles many people’s interest is wine. And it’s not just because it gets you drunk! Wine comes in so many unique forms that no two drinks are ever the same. It’s a sophisticated beverage involving all sorts of ingredients and flavors. There are also some health benefits to drinking wine! It can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and strokes. So if you love the taste and the effects, you already have a great excuse.

Many wine lovers are also lovers of traveling since so many destinations offer unique wine experiences. From world wineries to wine-tasting festivals, there are all kinds of ways to enjoy your passion. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur. Even those who love a glass on the weekends will love wine-testing worldwide even more. It’s also a great travel idea for couples or travel mates. Here are some great trips to make if you enjoy wine.

Tuscany, Italy

There are many unforgettable road trips you can take through Italy. One of the best is through the incredible landscapes and culture of the Tuscany region. It’s known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, so there’s plenty of art and history to take in.

Of course, there’s also a lot of wine to take in! There are many shared and private wine tours you can take in the region. Florence is known for its many great wineries. But you could also try wine in a medieval setting in the historical area of Chianti.

You can try some of the finest Tuscan wine and cheese across the area. Italy is also known for its delicious food, and that’s no different in Tuscany. There are also some world-famous galleries and museums to visit in Florence. All of that makes Tuscany a perfect place to visit in Italy, particularly for wine-tasting! 

Missouri Wine Country, MO, USA

It may not be a destination you’ve heard much about, but Missouri has plenty to offer for wine enthusiasts. In fact, it plays host to America’s very first wine region. Just west of the bustling city of St. Louis you have locations such as Augusta, Hermann, and Rocheport. These places are known for their fantastic offerings when it comes to wining and dining.

You may want to visit the famous Mount Pleasant Winery. You can get a tour of the Mt. Pleasant Estates and learn more about their winemaking methods. There are also historical buildings to see and great places to eat and shop nearby.

Hermann is a must-visit location for wine lovers. The Hermann Wine Trail takes you through seven fantastic Wineries and Vineyards. You can test all the local drinks and even try out BBQ and wine pairings.

Those who love hiking or cycling may want to tour through the Katy trail. It takes you through St. Charles, Augusta, Hermann, Rocheport and plenty of other places with wine to taste. It’s a beautiful trip for wine lovers.

Bad Dürkheim, Germany


In the Southwest of Germany, you can find Bad Dürkheim. The quaint spa town has a wine history spanning thousands of years. It has plenty to offer in terms of wineries. But the real main attraction is the annual Wurstmarkt.

The Wurstmarkt (Sausage Market) is colloquially known as Bad Dürkheim Wine Festival. It’s the world’s biggest wine festival, playing host to hundreds of thousands of guests each year. It’s been referred to as the Oktoberfest of grapes due to its popularity for wine lovers.

The festival has been going strong for 600 years! People love to visit to try out over 150 different wines from across the region. There’s also plenty of entertainment, with live music, fairground stalls and rides to enjoy.

It takes place across a couple of weekends in September, so you won’t be able to check it out till next year. Still, the town has more for wine lovers. The Dürkheimer Riesenfass (Giant Cask) restaurant is shaped like a giant wine barrel. It’s a great spot to try out German cuisine and wine. The world’s largest wine barrel is also a short trip away in Heidelburg castle.

Bordeaux, France

You’ve probably tried Bordeaux wine before, but there’s no better way to taste it than in the French city itself! You can stay in a luxurious chateau and tour some of the great wineries in the area.

The people of Bordeaux take wine and cuisine seriously. You can try some of the finest offerings in regards to wine as well as food at Michelin-rated restaurants. There are also fantastic tourist landmarks nearby, such as The Water Mirror and the Grand Theatre.

The drawback to visiting Bordeaux is it can be very expensive. There are ways to visit on a budget, but to try the greatest wines, you may have to spend a fair few euros. Nonetheless, it’s worth it for those who love their wine.

California Wine Country, CA, USA

California is another fantastic US state for wine enthusiasts. It has a wine country region in the north, hosting some world-class destinations for oenophiles including Napa and Sonoma.

It has some fantastic unique wineexperiences. There is a bunch of different vineyards and wineries to visit, with all varieties of the drink. Whether you want to try out sparkling wine in Calistoga or make your own blend in Saint Helena, you’ll have an excellent time.

The Wine Country region of the north isn’t the only place to visit in Cali for wine lovers. You could also venture south to the Santa Barbara Wine Country. It hosts plenty of its own wine experiences. You may know it from the 2004 movie Sideways, where two wine aficionados take a trip through the famous location. Overall, there are more than enough places in California for trying out wines.