Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Financially Fit! Ways To Earn Money While Working Out

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We all like to have a little bit of extra money don’t we? At the same time we keep dragging ourselves to the gym after work, go home and sleep. Then we get it the next day and the pattern begins again. But is there a way to break the monotony, and keep fit, whilst at the same time learning some extra cash? Technically it sounds like you could get paid to keep fit. But what if I said that it is possible? There are ways to make this possible!  And here are some ways you can do it!


One of the best ways to keep fit is to swim. It is one of the few exercises that give you an overall body workout. So why not get paid to do this and become a lifeguard. In order to be considered you would need to train for a certificate or demonstrate that you can swim to a high standard. If properly certified you can work as a freelancer lifeguard, and provide private lifeguard services at pool parties and social functions.

Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer includes working one on one with clients to help them get that physique they are craving. As part of this you need to be in physically fit shape, as you may need to demonstrate a complex deadlift, pull up, squat or other free weight exercises that pack a bit of a punch.

Yoga Teacher

If you are of a flexible nature, and know the difference between your downward dog and child's pose then being a yoga or Pilates teacher may be up your street. Classes typically involve you teaching a group of 20 or more people these movements. So you need to be physically fit in order to give instructions while performing these bendy moves.


Yes, really! Running around after kids all day, pushing swings, playing games and all without a break. Sounds like a perfect workout! It would be best to decide whether you would rather chase after older kids or toddlers, or would you prefer to carry a 12 lb baby? It's all good cardio that you can get paid for.

Fitness Boot Camp Leader

If you are an extreme fitness fanatic, then you might want to consider going into business as a boot camp instructor. A lot of people pay good money shouted at in muddy conditions before the sun comes up! And for an added bonus, do the workouts alongside your platoon!

Teach Ski Lessons

If you like hitting the slopes in winter, becoming a ski instructor is a great way to keep up your passion. You can train up as an instructor, and maybe teach abroad for certain parts of the year.
Landscaping Services

A very natural way to get a good workout. You could spend your spring and summer out in the open gardening. You could spend your autumn raking leaves and cleaning up. And you could then spend your winter shovelling snow. They are all great ways to keep you bending, twisting and moving. If you find you're particularly good at it, then consider either working for a company or starting your own business.