Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fabulous Christmas Getaway Ideas You Might Have Overlooked


Planning a winter break this Christmas? We all know about the incredible, popular destinations that people flock to each year- but there are plenty of other options too that you might not have thought about. If you want to go somewhere quieter or perhaps do things a little differently, here are a few alternative options to consider.

An Icy Wonderland

We all know there are some stunning, popular snowy locations around the world that are perfect for visiting at Christmas. But if you’re looking for something different, an interesting getaway filled with rich culture and traditions- Iceland is the way to go! The Icelandic people know how to do Christmas right, with celebrations being an eclectic mix of religion, folklore and modern life. Houses are decorated with lights and a traditional Christmas tree, as the people of the country welcome light back into their lives. This is because it’s the time when the days start to grow longer again, after a lengthy period in the year of darkness. You have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights in Iceland over December, which is an incredible bonus while on your vacation. If you’re hoping for plenty to see and do, you won’t be disappointed with an adventure trip to Iceland. There are various tours to see the stunning landscape and wildlife, and lots of activities for tourists.

A Christmas Cruise

A Christmas cruise could be a fantastic way to celebrate the festive season. On a cruise, you get to travel to different places but without the hassle of traditional travel. There is no messing around at airports or long car drives from place to place. Particularly useful when airports, roads, and public transport are crammed to the brim during the festive season where people are visiting friends and relatives. Instead, you get to relax on a luxurious ship that comes complete with everything you need. You can sip champagne on the deck, and enjoy the many activities on offer. The ship will be beautifully decorated, and there will be lots of Christmassy things to do. From choirs singing carols to festive food and parties. You’ll get a traditional Christmas dinner but with none of the clearing away or dishes to do afterward. And if you’re staying through to the new year, you can start the year off feeling relaxed and revived rather than succumbing the January blues.

A Tropical Paradise

If you’re not a fan of the cold, why not do something different entirely and book a holiday to a tropical paradise instead? Places like Australia, Mexico, Lanzarote and The Gambia will all be scorching hot in December. If you don’t care for a snowy Christmas, laying on a gorgeous beach in the heat could be an excellent way to go instead. If you live in a country that’s usually cold in December, something like this can make a welcome change. Forget the winter coats, hats, and gloves- throw your bikini, flip flops and summer dresses into your case and jet off to sunnier climes.

Will you be going away this Christmas? Where will you be jetting off to?