Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Magnificent 7: Tips For Living A Life Of Luxury On A (Relative) Budget

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No matter who you are, we all enjoy a little luxury and style in life. Let’s face it; the modern world is far too complicated and challenging to not establish a degree of comfort. Quite frankly, it’s something we all deserve – regardless of your personal wealth.

Even if you do enjoy a decent level of income, there’s nothing wrong with trying to enjoy the fine things in life on a budget. The cost of things doesn’t always correlate to the quality of the item or the satisfaction they’ll bring. In truth, knowing that you’ve got a great deal on something provides an additional sense of joy.

You will need to spend money to enjoy a comfortable life. However, here are seven top tricks to ensure you gain those comforts without breaking the bank.

#1. Shop Around

It’s probably the most basic money-saving idea you’ll ever hear, but searching for the best deal is essential. We’re all eager to do this when it comes to buying clothes and food. However, the majority of the population is still guilty of being a little ignorant in other areas.

Thanks to online comparison sites, you can save money on various bills and services in a matter of seconds. Considering that most people overspend on their smartphones and other luxury items, the best package should be top of your agenda.

It’s not rocket science: the less you pay for individual items, the more you’ll be able to afford. Easy.

#2. Haggle

Finding great deals is one thing, but it’s often possible to create even greater opportunities for yourself simply by asking. Ultimately, a company would rather make some profit from you than none at all. On the right items, striking a deal could save your vast sums of money in just a matter of minutes.

When it comes to renewing contracts for various services, you should try to gain the same deal that new customers are offered. When it comes to bigger luxury purchases, paying cash can put you in a better position for haggling. Use it to secure a discount, and you’ll add a new product to your life at a fraction of the price. Not bad, eh?

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#3. Use New Offers

As mentioned in the tip two, new customers often get the best deals. This is because the competition between companies is fierce. This is especially true when it comes to those items that aren’t necessarily essential to life. If your current providers aren’t prepared to offer those great deals, then you can always take your business elsewhere.

Switching internet providers every year, for example, may feel like a hassle. In truth, it’ll take a few minutes to close your existing account and even less time to open the new one. It may mean waiting a couple of days for equipment to arrive. But if you arrange it in advance, you can have those items ready to go ahead of the switch date.

These ideas can be utilised in various other areas too. The lesson to remember here is simple: a little effort goes a long way.

#4. Reduce Waste

One of the most common mistakes that people in modern society commit is throwing things away. We’re all very quick to replace faulty items, and products we don’t like. Correcting this one error of judgement could give you a serious financial boost. And that can allow you to enjoy other areas of life with a little added extravagance.

This challenge could entail turning old items into something more useful through upcycling projects. Alternatively, you might just sell some of your unwanted products online. Either way, gaining extra usage from those items can only be great for the cause.

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#5. Make Smarter Holiday Choices

When it comes to the enjoying life, there’s no better option than taking a relaxed family holiday. However, this is one aspect of life where cost doesn’t indicate quality. The best vacations are the ones that give you the greatest sense of joy. Price is almost irrelevant.

With this in mind, travelling on a smaller budget is advised. A holiday is what you make of it. Experiencing new cultures without the help of expensive guides can provide a more genuine insight. There’s no one right or wrong way to travel. Stick to the luxury items you want, and cut the ones you need. Simple.

#6. Don’t Always Buy New

Of course, there’s something very special about purchasing brand new items. But they aren’t always necessary. If it makes logistical and financial sense to choose a pre-owned product, then that should be the route you travel.

Vehicles are the most obvious candidate here. Fast depreciation rates mean that new cars are often a bad idea for anyone working to a budget. You don’t want to buy an extremely old vehicle, as it could be more vulnerable to damage. However, a nearly new motor can provide the best of both worlds. With the help of experts like Saxon 4x4, you should have no problem finding the ideal solution or your budget and driving needs.

Smaller luxury items, especially home décor, can be picked up on the cheap by using used marketplaces too. If those products can serve the same purpose at a smaller cost, you’d be a fool not to take advantage.

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#7. Or Don’t Even Buy

Whether it’s high fashion or other luxury items, there’s nothing wrong with having those desires. However, there are occasions when we only need those products for a short amount of time. Quite frankly, using something once before leaving it in the home for months or years is pointless. But it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the benefits for the time you require those items.

Rentals can be a far smarter investment, especially when it comes to things like a best man suit. Ok, you won’t get to keep the products, but you’ll have paid less money for the same level of usage. If that doesn’t stand out as smarter thinking, I don’t know what does.

At the upper end of the scale, you may find that renting or shared ownership is the better option for your living arrangements too. As long as you assess your options thoroughly, you should be just fine.