Thursday, September 15, 2016

Motorbike Road Trips: Ultimate Gear Checklist

Remember my post about taking a motorcycle road trip a few weeks back? I went through some of the basics of buying or hiring a bike, planning your route and performing your basic safety checks. But I did forget one huge topic - what are you supposed to bring?

So, today, I'm going to follow up that post and reveal the essential gear and equipment you will need for the perfect motorbike road trip. Read on to find out more and ensure you have everything you need before you ride off into the sunset!

Toolkit Essentials

I’d like to think everyone is sensible enough to carry out their motorcycle safety checks for a road trip. But even so, that doesn’t guarantee you will make it from A to B without any incident. Bikes break, and if your road trip is taking in any rough terrain, you are more likely to experience problems. So the first thing you should pack is your motorcycle tool kit. It’s just as essential as your helmet in my opinion, and it might just keep you out of some sticky situations.


You can’t guarantee good - or bad - weather. And if you are traveling far, the chances are you will cross through many different climates. So, make sure your bags are packed with a variety of options to make your ride more comfortable. Leathers will be essential for colder weather, while a robust pair of biker jeans should do you when it’s sunnier. Also, bring a second pair of gloves. When it rains, there is nothing worse than having a long road in front of you while wearing a soaking pair of gloves.  

Navigation and Tech

Chances are, you’ll be taking your smartphone with you, along with Google or Apple Maps. But make sure you have a backup with a physical map, too. Phones die and get lost, and without a map, you are looking at a lot of potential issues. Butler Maps are made for motorcyclists, and they are a great resource for riders trying to find their way through unknown terrain. Other technologies to consider are Bluetooth headsets - especially if you are traveling in a group. They'll help you communicate with each other as you ride from place to place. It can get lonely out there on a bike, so why not make the most of your journey by adding in some small talk?  Finally, bring along a battery pack for your phone. As I mentioned above, your phone will die - more than likely several times. A battery pack will give you the extra power you need to take photos and videos for those all-important memories.


Of course, what you take depends on what you think you will need. But there are some essentials. Cash will allow you to pay for anything, anywhere. Not everywhere accepts cards, especially in more remote areas. A torch is another essential - what happens if you need to fix a flat during the night time? A big water bottle is also critical, and make sure you refill it when going off-road or driving long distances.  rp.5  Finally, bring your sense of adventure - and get ready for a great road trip!