Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Have You Completed These Vital Pre-Travel Tasks?

Travel is something that we all look forward to, especially when it’s overseas. Seeing a different part of the world and soaking up it’s culture, history, and people is what travel is all about. But in the excitement of traveling to distant shores, many travelers fail to properly prepare before they leave. You’d be surprised just how many people forget to do even the most basic of pre-travel tasks. Unfortunately, this can put you in a vulnerable and stressful position and may even prevent you from traveling all together. To prevent this from happening, read through this handy checklist and get yourself ready for your travel adventure.

Organizing transfers

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll naturally be eager to get to your hotel and start exploring. But if you haven’t organized how you are getting to and from the airport, this can be a challenge. Many travelers forget to arrange this important detail which can find them stranded in a foreign country very easily. It may also force them to pay expensive taxi charges. So organize transfers through transport companies such as Prestige Keys and Holiday before you leave. You can arrange for a car to pick you up at a designated time to transport you to your accommodation or the airport. They may even be able to take you home once you return from your trip too.  Remember to print out all documentation and confirm your booking in the days leading up to your departure.

Check your passport

Your passport is essential when flying and traveling to countries overseas. The only way you can gain entry to many countries is if your passport has been in date for a certain amount of time. Rather than just throwing it into your bag and forgetting about it, remember to check your passport too. Discovering your passport needs to be renewed when you’re trying to check in is not ideal. So makes sure it’s fully up to date well in advance. Getting your passport renewed can take time so you should check it at least three months before your trip. To make the process go as smoothly as possible, make sure the information and photos you provide are clear and accurate.

Test your luggage

Luggage allowance varies drastically from airline to airline. It can also vary depending on the distance you are traveling. To save you the embarrassment of having to remove items from your suitcase, always check what your luggage allowance is. This information can usually be found on your airline's website, or you can contact them directly. Another thing you should do is test your luggage before you leave. You can buy a small pair of scales online to help you get the weight just right. Remember to pack these in your suitcase so you can check the weight of your luggage for your return journey too.

So before you even think about stepping onto the plane, always make sure you’ve taken care of these vital tasks. They can help you have a joyful travel experience by keeping you safe and helping you get organized.