Sunday, September 11, 2016

These Gadgets Are Guaranteed to Impress Your Friends

The right gadget is hard to resist. People see them and want to play with them immediately. And there’s nothing quite like being the owner of an amazing gadget when you have friends round. Everyone wants to have a go at it. Suddenly, you’re the cool kid on the block. You’d think, as adults, we’d have outgrown the desire to impress each other with our gadgets. But we still love to show them off!

Here are some of the hottest gadgets around. They’re guaranteed to impress your friends, so check them out now!

4K televisions

Remember the leap in quality between old cassette tapes and DVDs? Well, the leap between high definition and ultra high definition is even bigger than that. It’s not as easy to tell, at first. The high definition we’re used to is already so detailed and crisp! But UHD - otherwise known as 4K - takes it to a new level. Once you’ve spent a good amount of time with it, you’ll have a hard time going back. 4K televisions, of course, are a requirement if you want to get in on the fun. They’re not the cheapest things around, I’m afraid. But do some price comparisons and see if you can find the right one for you!

PlayStation 4 Pro

If you don’t have a PlayStation 4 yet, then you might want to consider waiting a little bit longer. The PlayStation 4 Pro is the next version of the console, due out in a couple of months. It’s a much more powerful version of the original PlayStation 4, and can play games and films in 4K! Combine this with a 4K television and your friends will definitely be wowed. You should also consider PlayStation VR, which guarantees a fun night in with some fun-loving bros. 


Mini drones

One of the problems for drone owners is that they don’t want to let their friends use them. After all, flying those things can be very tricky indeed. And when you’ve spent so much on a really impressive drone, then it can be nerve-wracking watching friends trying to get to grips with it! But you can get really cool and affordable mini drones which are much easier to hand the controls over for. This makes it more likely that friends will be able to play with them and get to grips with them. Finding out about them made my day!


When we’re with friends, we’re often showing each other something on our mobile phones. It might be a video. It might be an article. It could be a Facebook post, or it could even be the latest person you’ve matched with on Tinder. But when there are a lot of you, making sure everyone gets to look at whatever it is you’re showing can take some time. Thankfully, the Rif6 allows you to project what’s on your mobile with a 120” display. It’s an impressive piece of kit, especially when it means you can watch Netflix on a big display wherever you are in the house!