Friday, September 23, 2016

Eating Nutritious Whole Food Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth!

If you have ever gone to the supermarket and stacked your trolley full of lovely fresh ingredients, you’ll know that it can cost a pretty penny. However, most of us that are into health and fitness accept the cost, as long as the food is nourishing the type of body we are aiming for. But what if i said to you that you could eat really well, and save money too? Would you believe me? Read on to find out.

Whole food costs more

Whole foods are high in nutrition and are also very popular at the moment. These two factors combined means that they can end up costing quite a bit to purchase regularly. For example frozen processed food like pizzas and reformed chicken are often cheaper, than to buy that a nutritious meal of the same size.

Also, a nutritious diet needs a lot of variety to be interesting. That means having to buy different veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds can soon add up.

So why choose the whole food option? Well, it's because it contains a much denser nutritional value. Not only do whole foods have energy, but also vitamins, and essential amino acids that your body need to work correctly. In fact, because your body recognizes these nutrients when they are fed into it, it can break them down more efficiently.

Whole foods don't last as long

Another issue with eating nutritious whole foods is that they don't contain additives. This means that they will go off quicker. This might seem like a bad thing.  But just remember you don't end up taking any of those chemicals that would have been used to extend their shelf life into your body.

The problem with food waste

The issue, when switching to a more nutritious diet is that while it can cost you more, the produce you buy doesn't last as long. This means you can end up with a lot of food waste. Which is just food that you have paid for, but have to throw away before you get to eat it.

Not only does this hurt your bank balance. But in a world where not everyone has enough food, it seems very wasteful and callous to be throwing items why because we haven't got round to eating them!


What you can do about food waste

Luckily there are quite a few things that you can do to reduce this issue of food waste when eating a more nutritious diet.

The first is to check out vacuum sealers. These are machines that you can use to bag food and suck the air out. Then microbes can't get to the produce and cause it to go off. It means you can keep food for a lot longer than if you left in open in the fridge. Check out this best vacuumsealer review for some more information.

You can also batch cookhealthy meals and freeze them. As the food is being cooked and frozen, the microbes are mostly killed off, and your food will stay good to eat for much longer. It also means you will have healthy meals choices on hand for those nights when you are too busy to cook!