Saturday, September 17, 2016

Combining Hot Style and Sheer Comfort in Business

For decades, looking good has always been closely associated with discomfort. Making sure a tie was done up properly sometimes meant having the thing right up against your throat. Shoes that shined and clacked pleasingly often felt punishing around the ankles. Wearing a blazer as well as a shirt at all-time meant that things just got way too hot real quick.

But professional style, especially for men, seems to have gone through a lot of changes recently. It’s caused some to dismay about the death of the traditional businessman. Well, I was never a fan of the traditional businessman anyway.

The kind of young professionals you see developing modern startups these days? They look nothing like their 60s counterparts. They don’t even look like their 2000s counterparts! These days, people are looking comfortable. That doesn’t mean they look scruffy. It just means that comfort is being mixed in with all that professional style. A lot of the time, modern businessmen look real casual. And I’m not talking about business casual. ‘Business’ has sometimes been dropped out altogether. Everyday comfort wear is now considered an office essential.

But what if you still want to lean a little more towards a hot business style? It can be done. The casualization of modern business attire (and the men’s clothing market at large) can be combined with such an approach.


One of the biggest changes in the modern office is the switch from traditional suit trousers to jeans. Thankfully, this is an area where comfort and style is really easy to accomplish. To be perfectly honest, the kinds of jeans you can get at Gap are pretty much perfect for this sort of approach. They may not be the cheapest, but they’re extremely stylish and comfortable. They’re also strong. Cheap jeans can lean a little too much toward ‘scruffy’, especially when rips and hole start to appear. Of course, that might be the look you want to go for!


High-fashion sneakers are getting more and more popular in the workplace. Sometimes, it can seem like you’ve got to make a choice between some stiff, expensive leathers and the new Yeezys. Thankfully, you’ve got more options than that. The best loafers for men combine comfort and style flawlessly. They may not scream “look at my feet!” to sneaker fanatics. But it you want to get yourself more comfortable versions of traditional business footwear? Loafers could be the way to go.


No more of those suffocating, buttoned shirts that have been plaguing businessmen for decades. Of course, some people love them. You could combine traditional shirts with jeans and sneakers or loafers for a business casual look. But bolder colors and different fabrics are now becoming the norm in the modern office. Depending on the type of work you do, even gaming or film merchandise can keep your stylish and comfortable. Whatever you do, don’t go in for shirts with big obnoxious slogans that are trying too hard to be funny. You may feel comfortable, but I doubt your co-workers will!