Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Essentials Of Surviving Any Long Roadtrip And Staying Happy

Road trips are awesome. Some of you will disagree because of certain experiences you might have had on them. Sorry to say, you probably weren’t doing them right. Road trips are awesome, but they can be nightmares if you don’t prepare. So keep the following in mind before and when you set off for adventure.

Know where you’re going

First, plan out your route. We know that road trips are often supposed to be about exploring and that’s okay. Take detours. Explore yourdestinations, don’t just pass them by. But always have a plan to get back to the main route. You don’t want to get lost or end up meandering on roads that have very little to offer at all. Use sites like Wikitravel to help you put together the easiest and most curiosity filled routes you can find.

Plan for what you need

Create a list of provisions you need to take. Consider the weather and the kind of clothes you need. Any safety equipment you may need for bug bites or other health risks. A first aid kit. A tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag if you’re sleeping under the stars. But keep a track of where you can stop to get what you need, as well. Campsites, drug stores and the like. If you’re hungry, don’t rely on convenience stores. Instead use sites like to have a real meal. The morale of the car will markedly improve.

Prepare the car

Of the road trips that end in disaster, many of them will share a common theme. It was the car’s fault. This can be true, but it can sometimes also be your fault for not preparing the thing. Make sure you take it in for a look-over at least a week or two before setting off in it. Then be a bit more prepared for potential disaster as well. Pack an emergency kit, including safety gear like reflective cones to put around the car. Keep a list of nearby contacts for emergency car servicing, too, to help you get back on the road.

Delegate responsibilities

This is a big one in keeping a road trip fun. Besides pool preparation, it’s the people themselves who can cause the most problems. So make sure everyone knows the rules of the road trip as depicted by Avoid arguments by delegating responsibility. If you can, circulate drivers so you’re not just relying on one person for the whole trip. Give them the opportunity to be the sight-seer. Whoever the shotgun passenger is must be in charge of the audio entertainment. Backseat passengers are not to aggravate either of the front two. Instead, their job is to keep researching what’s ahead and providing snacks. Make sure everyone knows their roles.

If you have the above set out, then you’re going to be a lot happier with that road trip. You’ll be able to fight off disaster and simply enjoy the company as well as the sights. The most important point is the people you take with you. Make sure you drill those rules of being a good road trip buddy into their heads.