Friday, August 12, 2016

Road Trip Alternatives: Is It Time You Got On Your Bike?

We’re all familiar with the movie scenes showing the hero driving off into the dusty distance in a convertible Cadillac. For years, we’ve been inspired to plan road trips based on silver screen experiences. You may be desperate to star in your own version of Route 66, but why not mix things up a bit and add some extra adrenaline? If you’re up for an adventure, is it time you got on your bike?

Planning a bike trip: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

1. Getting your license

First things first, you can’t tear across deserted roads at speed without a license. If you’ve got a driving license, this doesn’t qualify you to ride a motorbike. If you have grand plans to embark on a trip on two wheels, now is the time to start planning. You’ll need to take lessons and pass your test. You can search for details of local instructors online, and you can find out about the motorcycle test here. Your instructor will be able to tell you when they think you’re ready to sit your test. You can also practice in your spare time. 

2. Buying or hiring a bike

If you don’t own a bike yet, start shopping around and weighing up your options before you plan your trip. Do you want to buy a bike? Are you going to rely it on as a means of getting around after your trip? Or will you be switching back to driving a car? If so, you may be better off renting a bike. Whichever option you choose, visit some showrooms and compare prices and deals online.

3. Planning your route

Once your transport is sorted, the fun begins. Where are you going to travel, and how long have you got? Get some road maps out and fire up your laptop. Do some research into routes, and create a rough itinerary. Mark stop-off points to sleep, eat, and fill up with gas. Make sure the roads you’re planning to use are suitable for bikes.

4. Preparing your bike

You’re heading off on the adventure of a lifetime. The last thing you want is to get a few miles down the road and run out of oil. Before you set off, carry out some basic checks. Look at the oil and brake fluid levels. Check the tires. Make sure your lights are working. If you’ve got a luggage rack or a pannier, ensure they are secured firmly before you go.

Life is all about experiences. If you love to travel, but you’ve been there and got the t-shirt when it comes to road trips, why not do something different? Learn to ride a motorcycle, and enjoy the ultimate in exhilaration, as you hit the coastal paths or the desert tracks. Sort your license first and get used to driving around. Hire or buy a bike, and start thinking about your route. Before you travel, make sure your bike is primed and ready to go. Doing a few basic maintenance checks will save time and prevent injuries further down the line.