Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Let's Talk About Testosterone and Why You Need It

Spend much time reading or talking about bodybuilding and, before too long, the talk of being a "man" will begin. The insinuation is that if you're not bulked-out, you're somehow less of a man. And let's not pull punches here, that talk is nonsense. Being a man, or a woman, is about a lot more than fitting neatly into some arbitrary mold of a gender role. Such talk generally says more about the person speaking than the subject of what they say.

On the other hand, there is a scientific aspect to building muscle that does have something to do with gender. Men do start to lose lean muscle mass after age 35, because their natural production of testosterone tapers off. Along with other effects, this does mean that they are less bulked. Testosterone is the "male" hormone, the counterpart to estrogen in women. If you want to build muscle, it will be useful.

Depletion of testosterone has other side-effects, too. Losing this hormone can lead to loss of bone density, lethargy and lower libido. If you want to raise your own level, then the following tips are worth bearing in mind.
1. Supplement Your Natural Production

Numerous products on the market promote the production of testosterone. The correct ones can bring your natural levels up to where they were before. To ensure you're getting the best of things, it's best to use a herbal or plant-based booster. Some options are discussed at http://buildthemuscle.org/supplements/best-testosterone-booster-for-men/ along with other valuable online resources - and it's worth remembering these are natural.

There are other, synthetic testosterone boosters on the market, and some users feel like they are a turbo boost. But what the producers of these products keep quiet is the fact that use of synthetic boosters can have side effects. Among these effects is the body preventing natural production altogether - which is a real problem.

2. Eat The Right Foods For A Natural Boost

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients we can get for natural testosterone. You can find it naturally in a number of foods. A good source is fatty fish such as tuna or salmon, both of which are easy to find and versatile to prepare. It can also be found in egg yolks and cheese, and is added to some foods to help fortify them. Check the orange juice in your local market to see if it has added Vitamin D.

3. Avoiding Bad Habits
Encouraging production of testosterone is one thing, but it is wise to make sure you aren't fighting against yourself. Certain bad habits can deplete your natural testosterone levels. Among these is excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks. You don't have to give them up altogether, but it's wise to cut back if you're a big drinker. Also, make sure you're not burning the candle at both ends. Lack of sleep can be a real block on production.

Producing enough testosterone isn't just about being a "man". It's about being healthier and fitter too. So if you're around the age of 30, or just want to up your levels, bear the above in mind.

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