Monday, August 08, 2016

Can You Travel Around The World For FREE? Hint: The Answer Is YES!

Lots of people would love the chance to travel around the world. There are so many wonderful destinations to discover! The thing is, going on holiday costs money. And, depending on where you go, those costs can be quite high. As a result, most people can only dream of exploring the world.

Like many people, I love to travel when I get the chance. And I'm willing to bet you do as well! You might be more than a little curious about the topic of today's blog post. After all; how can one travel the world for free?

Yes, one way is to get someone else to pay for your travel costs! But, there is actually many ways to explore the world without needing to save up money to do so. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out the secrets of doing so!

Get sponsored to create a travel documentary

Believe it or not, many companies sponsor people to go on vacation! Why? It's a good way for them to raise their brand's awareness. The types of firms that invest in sponsorship include travel agents and airlines.

If you've got experience in film-making and narrating, this could be a viable option for you. The way that travel documentarysponsorships work is simple. Your travel costs get covered, including flights and hotels. In return, you must produce a noteworthy documentary that people can watch.

Some firms might ask you to create an online documentary. Others may want you to create a DVD or TV series that can get sold. You may need to handle things like production, editing and DVD duplication. But, companies such as Catalyst Global Media and Nationwide can help you out. If you wish to pursue a career in film-making, this can even increase your job prospects!

Become a travel blogger

On a similar note, popular travel bloggers often get asked to review hotels or resorts. Travel companies will cover the costs of flying out to various exotic destinations. If you love to blog (like I do), your inbox could get filled up with requests! Let's face it. Writing a review on a hotel or resort is a small price to pay for free travel abroad!

Get a job on a cruise ship

Many people in the travel industry love their jobs. That's because it takes them to new destinations each month! Have you ever thought about getting a job on a cruise ship?

There are scores of occupations that can get used on them. Plus, you get to explore the same new destinations as your guests. The only difference is, you get paid to do so! And, of course, your accommodation on board the cruise liner is free!

Become a commercial airline pilot

If you have a love for the skies, another thing you could do is get a job as a pilot! As with cruise ships, your job will take you to various locations around the world. Pilots get a few days off to explore the destinations they visit.

The only downside is that you have to spend a lot of time training to become a pilot. Still, it can be a small price to pay for free air travel. Especially when you're the one doing the flying!

So, as you can see, you really CAN travel the world for free!