Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Italian Road Trips: Unforgettable Routes You Need To Take

Italy has become famous throughout the world for being the birthplace of multiple icons from pizzas to the Colosseum. But it’s also becoming better known for something else too. Road trips might not be the first thing you think of when you think of Italy. But if you love driving and being on the open road, there is no better place for you to visit. Italy’s road networks allow you to spend days or even weeks exploring its gorgeous cities and stunning coastlines by car. So for an unforgettable trip to Italy, get in your vehicle and try these top road trip routes for yourself.

The Amalfi Coast

With its narrow and winding roads, driving along the Amalfi coast is considered one of the most challenging routes in Italy. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. The staggeringly beautiful coastlines make taking this route extremely rewarding. Take a break from your drive and visit the coastal towns of Ravello and Positano. The Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea and Mount Vesuvius are also worthwhile stop off points along the Amalfi Coast route. Contact your travel agent to see what accommodation they have in their Italian collection of villas along this route. That way you can spend more time exploring its wonderful landmarks and surroundings.


For a more extensive trip, why not explore the Italian region of Tuscany by car too. The route from Florence to Grosetto or Orvieto is particularly eye opening. With history, art, and landscapes around every turn, this road trip can teach you more about how Italy came to be. You can try wine tasting in the South of Tuscany or sample some of the region’s steak otherwise known as bistecca. Immerse yourself in Italian culture by relishing Florence’s architecture, museums and art galleries. Or just see where the road takes you while taking in the scenery that this region is renowned for. To find a car suitable for such a long journey, look online for car hire companies based in Tuscany.

Lake Como

If you’re visiting Northern Italy, a road trip to the picturesque Lake Como is an absolute must. Surrounded by lush forest and rolling hills, it provides a stark contrast from Italy’s bustling cities.

This laid back drive takes you past stylish Italian villas and through charming villages. Why not enjoy a picnic besides the water or taste the local cuisine in one of the lake’s many restaurants. Park your car and take a ferry to the romantic Villa Carlotta, a historic building with incredible gardens overlooking the lake. This road trip makes only be a short one, but that doesn’t make it any less spectacular. It’s ideal if you’re short on time but still want to make the most of your time in Italy.

Driving through Italy along these routes will open your eyes to just how varied and beautiful this country is. With so much to see and plenty of places to stop off at along the way, there is no chance of you getting bored behind the wheel. Always remember to get car insurance and check your car thoroughly before you leave.