Thursday, July 14, 2016

Share The Love, Share Cookie Cups

I love exploring! I love trying out new things while I’m still young (wild and free lol). So I called my friends so that we could try something different today. We agreed to veer away from our usual tambay/movie/food trip hang out and decided to give baking a try haha! We were torn between choosing s’mores or cookies, so we decided to combine both into cookie cups. Talk about the best of both worlds!


Baking is such a fun and exciting hobby, but definitely not as easy as it looks! Aside from these mouthwatering cookie cups, we also baked another pastry. I think you already have an idea based on the photo haha! But it needs to remain a surprise for now because it has something to do with mother’s day. *wink*


Technically, my friend who’s a pastry chef, Isobelle Callao, did most of the baking part. So what did I do aside from assisting chef Isobelle? Yes, you’ve guessed it right– tasting! Haha! And my other friend, Nica, did all of the photography stuff. That’s what you call teamwork haha! We had so much fun!!!

The cookie cups tasted really good, not to mention exploding with flavors, soft and moist! We enjoyed every bite and finished eating them in minutes! I recommend that it be best paired with coffee. I actually convinced her to bake some more because we finished our share as quick as it was baked haha!
Cookie cups are the perfect snack to munch on during your break time, when you go out on a picnic or even when you’re stuck on traffic. They’re also a perfect gift idea for your loved ones!


What’s the good news? Chef Isobelle is happy to share with everyone her cookie cups, but the recipe remains a secret. The cookie cups are packed in six and they’re very affordable too! They’re only for 100 pesos per pack. However, she can only cater orders within Cagayan de Oro and Malaybalay City. It’s also best that you contact her ahead of time if you’re to place an order. Feel free to contact her through this number 0917-514-0656.
P.S. Her chocolate cake and cupcakes are to die for!