Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Seven Unusual Ways to Relax Yourself

You know all that stress is slowly killing you, right? Stress is one of the most dangerous things on the planet. Here are some unconventional and fun ways of getting rid of some of that stress.

Bathe in a forest

No, I don’t mean you should get a bathtub and actually bathe in the middle of a forest. What I’m talking about is called shinrin-yoku - that’s Japanese for “forest-bathing”. It’s simply the art of taking a short and leisurely visit to a forest. Spending time with nature reduces stress levels greatly. And forests are just cool, period. Learn more about shinrin-yoku and thebenefits it can bring you.

The siesta

The siesta can, technically, be considered the Spanish word for “afternoon nap”. And I’ve no doubt that many people reading this already engage in afternoon naps. But what about those who don’t? When the afternoon gets a little hot and you find yourself feeling stressed, just lie down. You don’t have to fall asleep. Just lie then for fifteen minutes or so.

Use a little THC

I’m sure many of you know what I mean when I say “THC”. That’s the easy way to refer to tetrahydrocannabinol - which, yes, is the substance found in cannabis. Obviously, this suggestion isn’t for everyone. But the stuff has been used for relaxation purposes for, well, thousands of years. In America, it’s often used medically to treat stress and depression, among other things. Of course, one of the problems is that most people will want to smoke it. Obviously, that’s not too healthy. Thankfully, you can use vape pens to do without the smoke!

Try making yourself laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Seriously, you must have experienced it at some point in your life. You were feeling incredibly sad or angry, but all of a sudden something made you laugh. And even if only temporarily, you felt loads better. Our ability to laugh is something we should never take for granted. There are plenty of ways you can induce laughter from yourself. Give it a go! (Of course, it’s worth mentioning that a little THC can often induce spontaneous laughter. Just saying.)

Do some coloring

Coloring isn’t just for kids! You may only think about your childhood when you think about the art of coloring. But it’s actually been used as a potent stress relief methodfor adults. You can look into getting some adult coloring books (yes they exist). You can also look for digital versions that you can use in computer illustration programs.

Read a book

This may not seem “unusual” to you. But for many people, the idea of reading for pleasure seems to be completely lost. After being subjected to loads of boring text during school, they’ve just been put off the idea. Maybe it’s time to rediscover it. After all, it’s one of the best de-stressingtechniques there is.

Replace one of your coffees with a smoothie

Yeah, I know. Coffee is awesome. But if you’re consuming too much caffeine, then that might contribute to some of that stress. What you eat and drink is important when it comes to stress and mental health in general. Consider getting some fruit and making yourself a smoothie to replace one of those coffees.