Saturday, September 06, 2014

Oh My Pastry Cafe

It was a calm afternoon and a slow day for me after school so it made me thought to myself, this is probably the best time for me to go binge eating and have some “me time” haha! The first food spot that popped inside my head was "Oh My Pastry and Cafe". This gem of a bistro continues to draw loyal crowd of repeat customers seeking the comfort of its honest to goodness frappes and pastries. The cafe has that distinct characters of artsy-ness, a bit left-of-center, but never intimidating, and it remains approachable even its pastry chef, Honey Ching, who is fond to play with flavors of all sorts!

It’s not my first time here though, but every time I go to this quaint little cafe it just feels like my first time because something new always seems to pop out in every nook of the shop. For the first time, I tried their matcha green tea frappe 16 oz. (Php110) (it’s also available in  8 oz.) and I didn’t regret it! I swear, I’m not really a big fan of green tea, but this one (next to my fave kitkat green tea flavor lol) is an exception! The HOT matcha is also a MUST TRY! I also tried their oreo crumbs (sylvannas coated with crushed oreos)(Php40) and their oreo cupcake (Php55). I just love oreos and it was surely an oreo overload for me!!! Hahaha. What I love about this place is that they offer a selection of chalkboard specialities that changes regularly. As of now, they’re offering sandwiches and how lucky I was to have a bite of their Canadian ham sandwich (Php75). Simply delish! (Oh yeah, the sandwiches menu was made on-the-spot by yours truly haha! I’ve been into basic typography and lettering lately.) All their pastries and sandwiches are freshly baked on the premises and are of outstanding quality. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes it a perfect choice for a first date! 

  • Chocolate frappe
  • Matcha Green Tea frappe 
  • HOT matcha green tea
  • Sylvannas
  • Carrot cake (One of Chef Honey’s top pick!)
  • Canadian Sandwich
  • Lasagna
  • Flavored iced teas
Oh My Pastry and Cafe should be in your caffes-to-visit-list whenever you’re around CDO. The chef’s inventive takes on pastries are always a treat to discover! They’re located at Yacapin-Velez Sts., Cagayan de Oro City