Monday, July 25, 2016

How to Cook In Your New Wood Fired Oven

The beauty of a wood fired Oven is that you can cook a whole range of different types of food in it. From Pizza to Steak. And from Bread to Grilled Fish. The world is your oyster when it comes to cooking in a wood fired Oven.

The best thing about your Uuni Portable Pizza Oven is that the sides of it give out reflective heat, creating heat that will bake your food correctly. At the same time, the fire will bring out a unique, crispy taste in your food. Follow these steps below and you’ll be using your Oven like a pro in no time.
Choose the right wood:

The kind of wood you choose will influence the flavour of your food. So choose wisely and follow the advice below for a taste sensation.

  • Alder - This kind of wood is ideal for fish and poultry.
  • Apple and Pear - That sort of wood goes well with pork and game meat.
  • Hickory - This is the most famous wood for Oven’s, it imparts a strong flavour that goes well with pork shoulders and ribs.
  • Oak - most famously used in Europe, it is best used for beef or lamb.

These are only a handful of the different kinds of wood you could use in your Oven, and they cover a wide variety of meats. Pick the wood that is best for the type of food you’re cooking and don’t choose a block of timber at random. The last thing we want is for your food to taste a little funny.

Firing your Oven:

You should get the fire going in your Oven about an hour and a half before you start to cook your food. You should initiate the fire in the middle of the Oven floor. Use dry wood and a non-toxic fire starter. The flames will reach the dome of the Oven and start moving forward, this is normal. You should only worry if the flames come too far out the Oven opening. Continue feeding the fire until the centre of the Oven goes white or clear. Then, add wood to the sides of the light to widen the flame and heat the whole oven. Once the entire Oven has turned white, it will be about 750 degrees Fahrenheit. 750 degrees is the ideal temperature for cooking Pizza.

Cooking your food:

If you want to cook Pizza, then your Oven is already at the right temperature. If you want to cookother food, then you’ll need to let it cool down a bit. You now need to decide whether to keep the fire going or whether to scoop it out completely. This much depends on the type of food you wish to cook and how much of it you want to cook. If keeping the fire going, I recommend alternating the side of the dish that is facing the coals. And remember, scoop your coals to one side to allow room for your plate to fit in. Keeping the fire going is the best method of roasting meat. Removing the embers from the Oven is the traditional way of cooking bread. 


There you have it, some simple steps to get you started with your new wood-fired pizza Oven. Try to have fun with it. Invite your friends and family around for Italian food and a natter, and you’ll be sure to have a great evening with your loved ones.