Friday, July 15, 2016

Cut Transport Costs When Travelling With These Awesome Tips!

Most people like to go on holiday during the summer. And, there’s one thing about traveling that can be a real pain in the backside. Paying for transport while abroad can take a huge strain on your wallet. But, these tips can help you save money: 

Rent A Bike

It’s a bit difficult to get a bike on board a plane with you when you set off on your travels. But, there are ways for you to rent a bike for very cheap. If you can find a bike rental place on your holiday, then I strongly advise you go there. Riding your bike is a quick way to get around town and far cheaper than a bus, taxi, or train.
Walk, Walk, Walk
Walking is the easiest way to save money on public transport costs when traveling. Loads of people will pay for a ten-minute taxi or bus ride to a city. When, in reality, you can walk the distance in twenty minutes or so. In fact, there are some cases where walking is quicker because you can go through alleys and side streets. Plus, it’s relaxing to walk when on holiday. You can go at your pace and enjoy the sights and scenes of the country you’re in. Personally, I think it adds to the holiday experience.

Bring An Electric Skateboard
If cycling isn’t your thing, then why not bring an electric skateboard with you instead? It’s easy to fit one in your hold luggage, and they help you get around quicker than walking. Of course, it makes sense to have the best electric skateboard possible, so you get the most out of it. Do your research before you buy and ensure you have one that won’t break easily. Then, you’re ready to zip around the streets and pay nothing for transport costs.

Compare Transport Costs

File:Calcutta Taxi (14653125248).jpg

There will be times when you have no choice but to get a bus, taxi, or train to your destination. Perhaps you’re visiting somewhere that's a couple of hours away and too difficult to get to on your own? In which case, your hands are tied, and you’ll have to spend some money. But, don’t worry, you can still save some valuable cash. All you have to do is compare all the different transport costs. Get a quote from a taxi service to see how much the journey will cost you. Then, look at train and bus fares and see which is cheaper. Often, you can save some cash by getting a train/bus and then walking a short distance. My point is, don’t rush into a decision and pick the most convenient option. Getting a taxi will take you exactly where you want to do, but is it worth paying more? Pick the cheapest option, and you’ll save lots of money. Plus, who cares if a bus or train doesn’t take you directly to the place you want to go?! It just means you have more places to walk around and explore before you get there.

By saving on transport costs, you’ve got more money to spend on better things while traveling!