Tuesday, July 12, 2016


It’s no shocker that going on a detox appears to be trending these days. And yes, it does well to our bodies. Or, so I hear; I could never go more than three days without meat in my system haha!
But hey, let’s not forget about the cleanses we should actually be on, the ones that are actually beneficial for the soul. Here are five (5) things on my list that I recommend that we all should maintain in a regular basis:
1.     The Digital Detox. It’s about allotting “quiet hours” each day in which you shouldn’t have any gadgets on your hand or go on your computer. I know it’s nearly impossible for everyone, and we’re not naïve enough to think foregoing all technological advancement, but disconnecting from your smartphone and tuning into your real life is important. Personally, I like that I don’t have to grab my iPhone to recall a memory. Start off with an hour and progressively work up to two or three.
2.     The “Turn Down For What” Cleanse. It’s not treating alcohol as an analgesic or a personality pick-me-up. Let’s face it, we associate a “rough day” with an earned hard drink. But, it only leads to a downward spiral. There are tons of benefits you can get from this, aside from losing weight, the internal benefits are just as great! This rewards you physically, mentally, and emotionally.
3.     The “Unfollow” Detox. This simply means to unfollow people you’re “friends” with because you all you want to do is cyber-stalk them out of jealousy, selfish amusement, to see if they’ve gone dating someone new, etc. In my case, ever since I unfollowed the random and the forgotten, I’ve experienced a disposition far greater than anything else.
4.     The Closet Cleanse. Literally cleaning out your wardrobe. Remove pieces of clothing you keep that you no longer fit into because you’re saving it for a “just in case I get to my high school weight” situation. Trash the memory box with old pictures and notes from your past lover. Don’t keep something you haven’t missed or shouldn’t be missing at all. Choosing to keep the things that are no longer useful you only provoke the thought that you have more faith in the past than the future, and currently rejecting the present. Not only does it does well to your soul, but also allows more room for storage.
5.     The Negativity Detox. Yes, it simply means to remove negativity from your life. Negativity only breeds more negativity. It will carry you away from shore and if you don’t swim away from it, will pull you under. This detox requires you to keep positivity and optimism at your side. Try looking for at least one silver lining in any last thing that pisses you off. Bottom line, we need to work on decreasing the negative vibes. What good does it do to you? It humbles you completely.
Stay positive and good things will happen.