Friday, July 29, 2016

5 Unique Tips To Get More From Your Holiday Destination

Most of us go on holiday to relax and take some time out from our everyday lives. But at the same time, we want to do more than just lying on the beach every day. So how do you get the balance between activities and relaxation just right? Here are five unique tips to get the most from your holiday destination.

Ditch The Hotel

Many travelers are starting to look for accommodation away from hotels. There is nothing wrong with staying in a hotel, but if yours is all-inclusive, you might be reluctant ever to leave! The current travel trend is to find an AirBnB room. This is a room in a local’s house or apartment. You will be renting the room off them, and staying in the heart of your holiday destination. One of the great benefits of staying with a local is that they will have a lot of insider knowledge about all the best bars and restaurants. Want to get out and about, and cover as much ground as possible? Ask your host about the best escorted tours in your area.

Book Activities In Advance

If there is a particular activity that you want to do on your holiday, such as a walking tour or visiting a theme park, book tickets in advance. These days, it’s possible to buy tickets online at the tour or activity’s website. Many companies offer deals and discounts to people who book online in advance. Not only will this save you a lotof money but it also guarantees you a spot on the tour.

Think About Travel Times

If you are heading to a different time zones, you should carefully plan your journey times. This can be very beneficial as it will minimize jet lag if you get it right. You should also try and get plenty of sleep on the plane. The aim is to stay awake once you land until about nine pm. Then you can get an early night. If you minimize your jet lag, you will be much more refreshed once you land. Not napping to overcome jet lag means you will have more time exploring!

Get Off The Beaten Track

Sure, do all the big tourist sites and attractions. But you should also save some time in your holiday for going off the beaten track and exploring as much as you can. One day, go for a stroll through a neighborhood that isn’t considered a tourist area. You can usually get a better feel for our destination this way. If possible, ask a local for their personal recommendations for bars and cafes. This is a great way to have a unique experience at your destination; one that no other tourist will have! But remember that each and every city will have its rough patches. Find out where these are and stay well away from them!

When it comes to making the most out of your holiday, you need to just relax and go with the flow! Be open to new ideas and experiences. And get ready for some serious exploring!