Wednesday, July 27, 2016

5 Tips You Need To Have An Awesome Tinder Date!

So, you went and did it, huh?! You downloaded Tinder, and now it’s time to expose yourself to the big, wide world. Well, as you might have guessed, you need to watch your step with Tinder. If you want to end up with the right type of date, you will do well to follow this short guide.

1. Take Your Time

Tinder doesn’t promise to match you with your perfect soulmate in the first day! It’s actually a platform that takes quite a long time to get the best out of. You’ll be blocked by plenty of people, too, but don’t see that as a negative. Instead, focus on the positives and you’ll find matches soon enough. Don’t be tempted to jump at the first date possibility you find. You want to meet someone that suits your ideal personality and looks.


2. Get To Know Them

Hold up there, roadrunner! Firstly, you need to get to know this person before you head off on a date. Chat back and forth about your interests and develop a rhythm of conversation. You’ll soon know whether this person seems like someone you’d be interested in dating. Getting to know each other should help to eliminate the awkwardness of date night, should it ever come along.


3. Arrange The Date

Alright, so you’ve found the person you want to date, and now it’s time to actually arrange the date! The best thing to do is find a relaxing setting that allows you to talk in peace. This might mean going for a drink after work or going out for a meal in the evening. Don’t be afraid to discuss this with the other person and find a perfectsolution for the both of you. When you both meet, try and be the one to eliminate any awkward feelings. Take matters into your own hands, and hopefully, it won’t feel too strange.


4. Scrub Up Well!

The moment before your date is where panic often sets in. Now, you’re wondering whether they’ll like you and whether your profile picture actually looks like you! The best thing you can do at this point is to make yourself look great for your date. Wear your best shirt, sort out your hair, and invest in the best cologne for youngmen to make yourself smell great. Make the effort to scrub up well, and you can rest knowing that you’ve done all you can to make an impression.


5. Let Others Know Where You Are

This is a very important one, so don’t skip this step under any circumstances. Whenever you’re meeting a complete stranger, you need to proceed with caution. You never just know if the person on the other side of the conversation isn’t who they say they are. If you want to, bring a friend along to wait for you. This might not be appropriate, though, so make sure you tell others where you’ll be. You could even set a mobile app to warn others if you feel you’re in danger.

In fifty years time, you might be talking about how you met your significant other on Tinder! Now that’s a story to tell the grandkids.