Sunday, April 10, 2016


My friends and I adore the ocean or anything that has something to do with marine life. We just love how life underwater seems to be so simple and peaceful.
Although Moalboal may be a tad bit tricky to pronounce for foreigners, this quaint little town never fails to draw attention from a lot of tourists. In fact, of all the places we’ve been to, Moalboal is definitely one of our favorites.

Moalboal is relatively cheap for backpackers like us. You can find a lot of affordable food spots and resorts where you can stay overnight. Most townsfolk will be happy to give you directions and suggestions, but I still recommend you do a little research (to be safe) ahead for your itinerary.
Aside from the beautiful white beach that Moalboal has to offer, they’re also famous for their Island hopping, which includes Pescador Island, The Fish Sanctuary, and The Million Sardines.

Pescador was the highlight of our island hopping. It was as we expected it to be. The water was crystal clear and the coral formations were young and thriving. We spent almost an hour battling sea currents, taking underwater pictures and exploring pescador’s shallow water ecos.
My favorite was seeing the famous sardine run– the flock of millions (probably even billions) of sardines forming a hurricane-like formation that looks totally amazing!

“Woah! Sardines!”, my mind cheered blissfully. Everywhere I looked, there were sardines. I guess it’s no mistake on why they called it “The Million Sardines”. LOL. It’s definitely one of the most amazing sights we’ve ever laid eyes on.

You don’t need to scuba dive in order to see the sardine run, although it does have its advantages. Snorkeling, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward, and not to mention free since it’s part of the total package.
Another amazing scene to see during our adventure was the sight of sea turtles (locally known as “pawikans”) happily swimming on the surface, which are regular in the area.

When it comes to gratification––and giving you your money’s worth—Moalboal definitely delivers the goods. Not many destinations have as much to boast, and this small town isn’t even trying to.
P.S. Next week, I’ll be back in CDO and I honestly miss exploring and writing about Mindanao. Until next ish!!! Have a great weekend, folks!