Friday, December 04, 2015

Lessons I Learned Away From Home

Living away miles away from home is a big step for myself for many reasons. Personally, I’ve been through phases of emotions when I first moved out of Cagayan de Oro City, but eventually I realized it was the best thing I’ve ever done. The lessons I learned when I’m alone are the lessons I could use for the rest of my life.  Here are 7 things only people who live away from home can understand.
1. YOU START VALUING MONEY AND APPRECIATE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. It’s funny when you’ve spent too much on something; you also spend the rest of the month never leaving your apartment. LOL. It’s a good thing that you become more aware of money and when not to spend it.
2. YOU REALIZE THAT YOUR HOMETOWN IS MUCH CLOSER TO YOUR HEART THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT. You learn to appreciate just how much you enjoy being around your family, even if you didn’t realize it when you were living with them. You miss the random jokes at the dinner table. You actually just miss having them at the dinner table.
3. YOU BECOME MORE RESPONSIBLE. When you live alone, you develop a biological alarm clock that reminds you to do important things. It doesn’t exist initially, but it grows over time, and when it does, you end up being proud of yourself.
4. YOU BECOME INDEPENDENT AND LEARN TO ENJOY BEING ALONE. The silence is disturbing at first, and you may find it difficult to get used to. Eventually, you learn to embrace the silence and learn that being alone is time for you to spend with yourself.
5. YOU LEARN TO SELF MOTIVATE. You’re your own best friend. With no one to tell you what to do, it’s easy to get carried away, but you find a way to motivate yourself to get out of bed and do work. When you do end up being productive, you feel good about yourself.
6. YOU LEARN TO SOLVE YOUR OWN PROBLEMS. When you’re faced with difficulty, you seem to muster up strength you never knew you had. Only when you live alone do you realize that you’re actually stronger than you realized when dealing with stressful situations.
7. YOU HOLD ON TO THINGS LESS TIGHTLY. You become good at letting go of things and moving on, which is a big part of growing up.
I guess growing up is not when we start speaking about big things, it’s when we start to appreciate the small things.
Photo by: Bea Simagala