Friday, October 09, 2015

How To Make The Most of Your Weekend

Life Hack Friday with The Chubby Buddy
It’s Friday! Which means weekend is just around the corner. I know that most of us treasure our weekends, but have you ever thought if we’re making the most of them? Or do you also often feel like you’re just wasting your weekends?
Whether it’s the weekend or a holiday, taking the “day off” gives you time to relax, revitalize, and prepare for the next workdays/schooldays. Instead of going out and spending your days off running errands, here are a few soothing ways or weekend hacks (or tips if you prefer lol) to give more time on your weekends.
WARNING: YOU MIGHT NOT LOVE THEM ALL. No real tricks here, but this is about you being aware of how you utilize your time to be productive and not let the days slip by.

#1 CATCH UP ON YOUR SLEEP. Sleep is vital for every human being. Never ever feel bad about sleeping or napping on your day off or on a weekend. If you have a job or have to go school where you need to stay up late and need to wake early the next day, you’re sleeping schedule can get a little messed up, which would eventually lead you to spending most of your days tired. If you have the day off, don’t set your alarm the night before. Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of waking up to a no alarm kind of morning.
#2 DON’T OVER DRINK. It’s easy to have a bottle of one or two (3,4, or 5) on Friday and Saturday nights, but always consider that a large part of the next day would be lost. Not only do you sleep in late and go home dazed, but for the rest of the day things are a bit fuzzy (not to mention the major headache) and you basically choose to do nothing other than lay on the bed until late into the afternoon. Duh. Sure, a few social drinks would be fine and research has it that there are also health benefits of having 1-2 alcohol drinks/day, but know what a few is.
#3 CHANGE SCENERY. Noting can beat the feeling of spending a few hours at the beachfront either by yourself or with your barkada. My point is choose a location that’s not heavily populated so it’ll be quieter and less distracting. It’s nice to take a break sometime away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The ocean breeze and the sound of the waves can provide the relaxation you and your friends need.
#4 WAKE UP AT YOUR NORMAL WEEKDAY TIME. In contrast to what I have said in #1, know that this is also important because not only does this keep the same circadian rhythms of the rest of your week, but also makes it easier to fall asleep during the rest of the week since your are keeping the same schedule. Yes, catch up on your sleep, but don’t abuse it by sleeping too late at night and wake up late the next day. Wake up to a happy day and do something that you love. Well you have the freedom to choose what to do with your time and by making smart choices you can have more time doing what you really like.
#5 WORK UP A SWEAT. Exercise might be the last thing you want to do on a weekend, but exercise can improve your mental and emotional health and reduce stress. If you're overworked and overstressed, a good workout can balance your mood. You don’t have to do anything strenuous. Going for a bike ride, taking a walk in the park or swimming might be enough to reduce anxiety.
Carpe Diem!