Thursday, March 05, 2015

Oh My Pastries!

Every now and then, there would always be some things that are considered the cool kids on the block and Sylvannas might seem like to be the “in thing” today.  Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that Sylvannas have accumulated popularity points and its share of limelight is just beginning with a number of stores selling them.

Oh My Pastries’ Wow Sylvannas, owned by pastry chef Honey Lao-Ching, has been a long time favorite of mine. Not only because it’s just a few blocks away from where I live, but also because Sylvannas is a pastry that is just impossible to get tired of. Plus, it’s very affordable (prices depend on the size and flavor). 

Another thing that I love so much about Oh My Pastries Wow Sylvannas is that it has miniature versions of the gigantic-shaped ones. You can buy it for as low as 15 pesos each. Not bad, huh? This way, I can order an assortment of flavors in one box and munch on them whenever I please and even get share some to my friends.


There are currently 4 flavors available: the original, red velvet, oreo, and sansrival (which is smeared with assorted nuts such as almonds, pistachios, etc.) 


My top pick is the pistachio-sansrival flavor that is smothered in pistachio bits. Despite the number of flavors available, what really makes it stand out is the French buttercream filling. At every bite, it’s always a heavenly mix of crunchy-sweet-milky-goodness and I really admire its consistency. 
Plus, what tickles my tongue and makes my heart sing is the distinct flavor that assures you that this isn’t just any ordinary Sylvannas. The merengue gives it the crunchy feeling at every bite and gives it that signature “WowSylvannas!” taste that you’ll always keep coming back for more.
It’s also available on the go, which can be a perfect pasalubong idea for your loved ones! Not only that, they also have other sweet treats on their menu. They also offer cakes, sandwiches, ice blended beverages, and so much more! Visit Oh My Pastry and CafĂ© at Yacapin-Velez Sts., Cagayan de Oro City.
Photos by Francis Manaloto of Studio 8 photography.