Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Let me let you in on a little secret that I know to be true: Salvation can be found in a cup of tea. At this not-so-ordinary teahouse in Cagayan de Oro City, Chingkee Te brings her creative flair to her artisanal tea and serves up a range of other legit Taiwanese drinks that would impress the most fussy tea lovers. 

At any time on any given day, you will find this teahouse filled with happy customers, every table occupied, and a queue of wishful tea lovers at the door. Lucky enough I got to go there first thing in the morning on a weekday where it was still serene, but it wasn't for long haha! I'm sure everyone has already heard of this lovely tea shop, but that won't stop me from sharing with you all my tea experience at Chingkeetea. I've been looking for a chance to blog about this place and I guess now's the perfect time (better late than never, right? Haha!). 

Chingkeetea deserves a spot in my heart and in my blog. I have been an avid fan of this teahouse ever since it opened around 2011 (I guess). I could still remember my first drink, which was, still, and will be my forever favorite, the wintermelon milk tea with noodles haha! I have witnessed the humble beginning of this place where they started out as a small teahouse until they already expanded their space to accommodate the never ending growing population of milk tea patrons in the city.  
Chingkeetea is home to CDO's authentic Taiwanese tea drinks for a very affordable and reasonable price! Ranging from Php60 to Php80. They use only high-quality tealeaves handpicked from Taiwan, the hometown of milk tea. Service is fast and friendly with minimal fuss. While looking for a vacant table can be difficult, it doesn't seem to intimidate the hordes of tea lovers that make their way at this place at all hours of the day! It's especially packed even on rainy afternoons, when you can hear lots of slurping! 
Definitely not fine dining but nowhere near fast food, Chingkeetea sits comfortably in the middle. It's most definitely a cool place to be with its casual vibe, upbeat hipster music, and creative space with a contemporary artsy fartsy aesthetic. It's no question why this place won the most voted #WonderfulMindaNOW spot for 2014. Again, Congratulations! This is not your ordinary milk teahouse so better come with an open mind and fully charged phone because honestly, every nook of this place is simply instagram-worthy! 

Visit and like Chingkeetea's facebook page. This lovely teahouse is located at Marfori Compound, Pabayo-Gaerlan Sts., Cagayan de Oro City. Go now and have a magical tea experience!