Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Story of A Pastry Lover–Chef Mich

Aside from my deep love with food, I honestly go crazy over sweets! And one of my dreams as a food blogger is to become a pastry chef and have my own TV show. LOL. But before that actually happens, I have to learn the basics.

Meet Michellene Uapal or commonly known as Chef Mich. She is a pastry lover based in Cagayan de Oro City. She sure do loves anything sweet! From cupcakes, to cookies, cheesecakes, etc. Name it and she’ll eat it! Kidding aside, it has always been her dream to become a pastry chef.

She is a registered nurse and after years of working in her profession, she then decided to learn how to bake. Mentored to become one of the best by one of the great Chefs, Jesuit. She trained real hard locally and internationally so she could master the skills and the art of baking. She also joined various contests and won prestigious awards! She mentored classes and baking sessions nationwide too. Grateful for all the blessings, she decided to open her own pastry school–Sweet House Pastry School. She commits of giving her students simply the best!
It was an  truly honor to meet Chef Mich in person as she gave me a little sneak peek in her pastry school, which will open soon on the 8th of September. Don’t worry, I’ll be making a separate blog post so you could have a virtual tour of the place. I also pinched in some questions before leaving the place: 
Of all the pastries that you have baked, which one is your top pick and why?

My carrot cupcake would be my favorite.” She added that it’s the first pastry she ever tried baking and as a mom it’s easier for her to let her kids enjoy a healthy snack in a yummy way!
What is your message to the other rookie chefs out there?

“Just bake and decorate cake everyday so you can practice and enhance your skills.” She reminds us to always have fun and put out hearts into baking while your’e at it! (I’d surely put that in mind Chef Mich!)
Here are some of the many amazing creations by Chef Mich: 

This one here is my fave! This cake is what she calls the “Candyland Topsyturvy Cake”

To see more of what’s inside Sweet House Pastry School, read about it here.

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