Some of us have dreamed of travelling the world and encapsulating every beautiful memory in photographs and writing. But there are also others, the weird ones, who travel the world through everyone’s favorite: food.

Jessie James Tubeo, commonly known as “james”, is a twenty-three year old foodie and wanderlust. One of his many ways of killing the time is slacking off the internet, browsing through social networks like school doesn’t exist. In three years time, he sees himself in a magazine, working hard to pursue his dream of becoming a full-pledged lifestyle blogger. 

He listens to Two Door Cinema Club and The Wombats; bands that he suggests everyone should lend an ear to. He finds comfort and productivity when he stays in a coffee shop. When it comes to TV shows, his ultimate favorite is Man VS Food on TLC. The quote “No matter how many mistakes or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying” has inspired him to live his life fully.

So what really is The Chubby Buddy all about? What made James’ decide to join the
blogging world? He answers all of these questions in an interview :)

How did The Chubby Buddy start? Share your humble beginning as a blogger.

Before I considered starting blogging, I used to share my thoughts through Instagram photos only.I have noticed that I always receive a lot of positive feedback, which made me think, “What if I share to my followers the story behind every photo? A single line caption can never justify great photos, right?

I then started to think of making a blog but I was always hesitant at first because: one, I admit I tend to be lazy sometimes and two, my course demands most of my time. But, my best friend, Ishie, pushed me to pursue this dream. I really owe her a lot to where I am right now. I also owe my friend Penda for making my dream come into a reality. She’s basically my blog guru. The Chubby Buddy wouldn’t exist if it weren’t because of her. 

What is The Chubby Buddy all about? And what’s the story behind the name?

Hmmm, The Chubby Buddy is a blog that features my love for food of all sorts that are captured through my camera and preserved through a string of words. You see, the way I travel places is through my tummy. Food is what I consider my passport.

My best friend Ishie and I actually came up with that name. It took us half a day to come up with “The Chubby Buddy”. I swear it’s not that easy to think of a brand name because I know I’ll be carrying that title forever. I also have to make sure that every time people will hear the name, they should think of me in a snap. Anyhoo, why such name? Well, I am chubby if you get to see me in person~hahaha! And I want to be anybody’s buddy when it comes to food trips. I plan to eat at different places with different people. Bottom line, I plan to conquer the world one food at a time.

What is your message to other rookie food bloggers out there?

This message goes to all types of rookie bloggers out there.

First, never stop believing in yourself. That’s one thing that would always keep you going. Second, always keep in mind that life goes well for people who make the best out of the way things turn out. I’m also a young blood at blogging and I see this as a secret to a successful blog. Third, make friends! Lots of ‘em! Networks and connections are very important. Lastly, never forget to have fun with whatever theme you choose to blog about! Happy thoughts would always lead to happy posts. :)

words by: Pearl Aton

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