This Is Why Traveling Is More Fun With Friends

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Going on an adventure with your friends is an unpredictable trip that every person should experience at least once in his or her life. Exploring different places, conquering fears together, and discovering new perspectives ultimately progresses our relationships to levels never imagined possible.


Exactly a year ago, I was happy to have spent my first trip at Ilocos with my squad. Luckily, we were able to score plane tickets that were on sale, plus we were able to find a relatively cheap tour package that allowed us to explore and enjoy the wonders of Ilocos for a couple of days. Indeed, nothing beats the experience of having to travel and explore new things at a young age, and doing it with friends certainly makes it a whole lot more exciting.
Now, here are three reasons why traveling is so much better with your squad:
Sharing awesome experiences with friends makes those moments matter more.
When we travel with our barkada, those memories become even more valuable in our treasure box of golden experiences. The moments we hold so dear are often the ones that were celebrated with some of our closest buddies, and apparently sharing these experiences has everything to do with it.
When traveling with friends, we’re more likely to make exciting memories.
At this point of our lives, we should be learning to step out of our comfort zones and explore the world, but being so young can make it challenging to travel entirely alone, and we’re always more confident with a companion by our side.
Traveling with friends makes us feel more fulfilled.
If you’ve ever traveled alone, you know how difficult it is to experience something incredible and not be able to immediately discuss how insanely beautiful life can be with your bet buddies
Even when we return from the trip we took with friends, we will always keep those golden memories and share them for the rest of our lives. Nobody could ever take those away. So, if you’re able to convince your barkada to pack their bags and start a new adventure, keep them close: The friends who travel with you will be some of the greatest friends you could possibly ever ask for. 


PS here’s a photo of us on our unplanned and unexpected trip to Baguio for a few hours haha! We literally just went there to eat dinner and headed back to Manila right after our heavy meal and a quick stroll at the park.



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